Money for nothing….


Paying the jiziya with willing submission:

ATHENS/RAMALLAH (inn) – Bankrupt Greece   wants to support the “Palestinian authority ”  (PA) with 150,000 euros. The money is to help the Pali  leadership to settle their debts in (whatever) the private sector.

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Switzerland is also eager to pay the jiziya:

On Tuesday  Switzerland promised the PA financial assistance of 23 million dollar for this year. This money is particularly for  education,  improvement of  human rights, social development, for ecology and humanitarian assistance.  Palestinian press agency Ma´an” reported….

Report that Hamas robbed Gaza bank (updated)

If the unbelievers don’t pay (enough)  jiziya with willing submission,  the soldiers of allah are quite determined to go out and collect it themselves…..Elder of Ziyon has more

UNHRC says Israel must compensate Hamastan

From Arab News:

Israel should pay Palestinians reparations for loss and damages suffered during last year’s war in the Gaza Strip, the UN Human Rights Council said Thursday.

The 47-nation body didn’t call for similar payments by Palestinians to Israelis. The resolution was opposed by the United States and five European countries.

The council, which has been criticized for excessively focusing on Israel in the past, approved four other resolutions condemning the Jewish state on Wednesday.

Here are some expenses that the UN did not feel worthy of compensation:

* The cost of fortifying homes and schools in Sderot and other Negev communities (over $75million spent so far, an additional $150 million needed)

* The cost of 32 public bomb shelters ($1.5 million) and additional ones in Ashkelon ($2 million)

* Building new rocket-resistant schools in the Negev ($18 million)

* Paying for treatments of thousands of residents with post traumatic stress

* Compensating for those killed and injured

* Compensation for the lost property values in Sderot and surrounding communities

* Compensation for lost productivity of Negev residents

* Compensation for the cost of developing the Iron Dome system and any new systems to defend against rockets and mortars

* Compensation for the entire cost of Operation Cast Lead, a war that Israel would not have had to wage if the rockets weren’t being fired. This includes the huge amount that Israel was forced to spend to minimize civilian casualties, dropping leaflets, calling residents to warn them to leave, the intelligence behind accurately targeting terrorists.

In the end, no one has yet come up with an alternative to Operation Cast Lead that would have stopped the rocket fire. In the absence of any real alternative, it appears that it is Hamas that owes the residents of Gaza compensation for starting the war.

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  1. They didn’t quite get away with it in Perth:

    Islamic college leaders guilty of fraud

    KATE CAMPBELL, The West Australian March 31, 2010, 3:55 pm

    Two Islamic college leaders were this afternoon found guilty of fraudulently claiming millions of dollars from the State and Federal governments to help get the school out of financial trouble.

    A District Court jury convicted Australian Islamic College founder Abdallah Saad Magar of 14 out of 15 fraud charges. Principal Aziz Magdi was found guilty of five out of nine fraud charges. A third man, another principal, Mark Brian Debowski, was acquitted of his three fraud charges. …

  2. Watch ABC1 “Foreign Correspondent” NOW!
    It is about nearly bankrupt Greece.
    It showed blatent corruption. And guess who was prominent?

    Yes, you guessed it!

    Illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

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