Secular Indonesians "upset" over savage beating….

Sharia in Aceh

But hey, not to worry:

The Sydney Moonbat Herald finds it necessary to sing you a lullaby:

“Nearly 90 per cent of Indonesia’s 234 million people are Muslims but the vast majority practise a moderate form of the religion…”

Indonesia is promising a full investigation into the public humiliation, mob beating and possible caning under Islamic law of two people suspected of adultery.

The offences allegedly took place on Wednesday after a 36-year-old teacher and a 28-year-old housewife were accused of having extramarital sex in Aceh province, where religious police enforce sharia or Islamic regulations.

They were dragged from the woman’s home by an angry mob, paraded naked through their village, tied to a post and beaten almost to death, and now face nine lashes each in public, police said.

It is the latest incident to expose the conflict between local sharia provisions and rights enshrined in the secular constitution of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.

“This is a barbarous crime and obviously against our rule of law,” an official at the justice and human rights ministry said.

“We will order police to launch an immediate probe and to take firm and concrete action against the perpetrators.”

Nearly 90 per cent of Indonesia’s 234 million people are Muslims but the vast majority practise a moderate form of the religion.

National human rights commission chairman Ifdhal Kasim urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to clarify that rights guaranteed under the constitution take supremacy over local regulations, including religious ones.

“This can be a bad precedent for other regions which have similar tendencies and which try to put religious values above the country’s constitution,” he said.

“The directive should mention that Indonesia is a secular country and everything should be based on the constitution.”

Aceh, one of the most deeply Islamic areas of the vast archipelago, adopted partial sharia law in 2001 as part of an autonomy package aimed at quelling separatist sentiment.

Last year the outgoing provincial government passed the Qanun Jinayat, a bill allowing adulterers and other religious offenders to be put to death by stoning.

It has not been signed into law by Governor Irwandi Yusuf and officials in Jakarta have asked for it to be withdrawn.

Australians should be reminded that Aceh is the region where their billion dollars went after  it was hit by a tsunami….

6 thoughts on “Secular Indonesians "upset" over savage beating….”

  1. Oh, a moderate form. That’s very heartening. Something like being beheaded only a little, is it?

  2. Ah yes.The useful idiots at the SMH.
    The only thing they haven’t apologised for is their own stupidity.

  3. The Shariah or Muslim Police all over the Muslim world have the best of jobs. They barely dob any work but snoop around in daylight and the dead of night looking for the slightest excuse to get a woman for their sexuak pkeasure.

    The hundreds of women and girls who are thus raped have no recourse to Justice because they ‘cannot’ find 4 “Reliable” men to testify on their behalf. Oh, what fun they are all having. Being born a Muslim woman is the worst thing that can happen to any soul.

  4. INDONESIA: Aceh laws discriminate against women

    Who would have thought?

    BANDA ACEH, 7 June 2010 (IRIN) – Earlier this year, Sharia police arrested a 20-year-old college student and her boyfriend for indecency; they had been spending time together even though they were not legally married.

    Her boyfriend was released, but she was detained and then allegedly raped by three policemen. Two of the men are on trial, while the third is at large.

    That incident and others, such as the ban on tight trousers, have sparked outrage among rights activists, who say the laws disproportionately target women.

    “This really poses a big challenge… there are policies that discriminate against and violate women,” Iriantoni Almura, programme officer for the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in Aceh, told IRIN.

    Home to more than 240 million people and the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia practises an Islam that is relatively modern and moderate. But Aceh, which suffered decades of war and was devastated by the 2004 tsunami, prides itself as the place where Islam first gained a foothold in Southeast Asia and is far more conservative.

    Yep. “Modern & moderate” sharia. And the good news is that they are “conservative”, just like our conservative Christians. PC is killing us……

    Read the rest, here

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