South Africa will do to itself what Robert Mugabe did to Zimbabwe. After they run all the productive people out of the country, they won't be able to feed themselves…

Black Supremacism in South Africa: “Seize the White Owned Mines!”


For any other South Africans who are reading this who are still living in SA – I speak to you with a sincerity of a South African who has lived here all his life.. I was born here, I have been schooled here. Yes, South Africa is a beautiful country. But you see what has been happening in our land, politically and racially.. You see how little there is left of our country. There is no hope for our children and in fact any young adult wishing to make a success out of his/her life. What type of a life are we living in if we are having to watch over our shoulders at every turn?

I urge you – get out while you still can, even if it means starting over. Do not become a statistic that is reported on the news. Josh, Atlas reader in South Africa

Terreblanche’s Killer Gets Hero’s Send-off Outside Court

Supporters of Eugene Terreblanche’s killers cheered as they left court today. Officials used barbed wire to separate blacks and whites. No “dispute over wages” on the day of the murder. Gateway Pundit

“Hacked to death…”

You see how far banning guns would go to prevent violence in society? It would just make evil people more creative.
Think about that, liberal morons.

South Africa in Crisis: Universal Calls for Resignation of Black Supremacist Julius Malema of ANC

Atlas Shrugs

Today, Julius [kill the whites!] Malema had a press conference. His comments to a BBC journalist, telling him that he’s a bastard and a bloody agent and telling him to get out – he even called security — have taken the country by storm. The incident is also lighting up the blogs and Facebook sites.

Watch the video here.

Have a look at the Anti-Malema page below and see what people have been saying in the notes and also the wall.


Of course, the media should have walked out on little Hitler.

Here’s the report from news 24:

Johannesburg – A journalist at an ANC Youth League media briefing was called a “bastard” and an “agent” by its president Julius Malema on Thursday.

The media briefing was on the Youth League’s visit to Zimbabwe.

Malema was criticising the Movement for Democratic Change for speaking out against the visit from its office in Sandton, when BBC journalist Jonah Fisher mentioned that the youth league leader lived in Sandton.

An angry Malema retorted: “Here you behave or else you jump. Don’t come here with that white tendency, go out bastard, bloody agent.”

Explaining the outburst later, Malema said the youth league and its leadership could not be undermined “in our own terrain”.

“This is not a playground. This is not a beerhall. Don’t abuse us in our own space, in our own house… this is my house,” he said, referring to ANC headquarters, Chief Albert Luthuli House.

Land reform policy ‘courageous’

Malema recently returned from a trip to Zimbabwe to study the effects of “nationalisation” in that country.

Malema hailed Zimbabwe’s land reform policy as “courageous and militant”.

Malema is famous for his song “kill the farmers.” Atlas reader and South African Josh reports that Malema has said that he will not sing the “kill the boer farmer” part of the song inside the country – his followers have said the same. BUT he has said that he will sing the song in its entirety outside of the country’s borders. So in essence, he is blatantly ignoring the ruling party. It is pretty clear that the ANC (ruling party) is supporting him, because they’ve done nothing to silence him, except for “having a talk with him.” There is now confusion as to whether the ANC Secretary-General and the Jacob Zuma, the president, actually did talk with him. Reports are conflicting. People on sites have threatened assassination and I would not be surprised if there were a few attempts in the next few weeks.

Mugabe and the White African

Here is a stunning documentary. This is the story about the genocide of the white people in Zimbabwe. How Mugabe forced the farmers off their land and why and most stunningly, how the world did absolutely nothing about it. Political correctness doesn’t just not help people under threat, it causes these things. Like Islam and its horrors against minorities in Muslim lands, political correctness made us look the other way or even approve of it when Mugabe committed genocide against the whites.