“Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam…”


Galley Slaves. Islamic raids supported by captured slaves

Slavery, like polygamy, clit-cutting, wife-beating and child-marriage is here to stay as long as the worlds Muslims follow their dirty book, the Koran. Arab Muslims have only recently signed some treaties which would oblige them to abandon slavery, but that is just window dressing. In reality, the practice is widespread and besides, treaties with infidels have no value, because  Qur’an 66:2, “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows. ” It would be more accurate to say that Muslim regimes begrudgingly gave up overt slavery only because the West forced them to do so.

“Islam and Slavery”

So you thought Islam was a “black thing?”

In 2003 a high-level Saudi jurist, Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan, issued a fatwa claiming “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” He attacked Muslim scholars who said otherwise maintaining, “They are ignorant, not scholars … They are merely writers. Whoever says such things is an infidel.”

Religious calls have also been made to capture and enslave Jewish women. As American journalist John J. Miller said, “It is hard to imagine a serious person calling for America to enslave its enemies. Yet a prominent Saudi cleric, Shaikh Saad Al-Buraik, recently urged Palestinians to do exactly that with Jews: ‘Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?'”

1952 Qatar abolishes slavery
1959 Slavery in Tibet is abolished by China after the Dalai Lama flees.
1962 Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery
1962 Yemen abolishes slavery
1963 United Arab Emirates abolishes slavery
1969 Peru abolishes the encomiendas regime through a land reform Land reform#Latin America ending de facto slavery in the country.
1970 Oman abolishes slavery
1981 Mauritania abolishes slavery

Here are some examples:

The Slaves of Dubai

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

Islam and the african slave trade – the world needs to know

The Slave in the Garage

Just one story of many:

Sold by her parents and smuggled into the U.S., one young girl did a family’s dirty work for two years. And then help arrived.

When Shyima Hall arrived in the U.S. as a slave, “I thought this would be my life forever.”

A year ago Shyima, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, closed a chapter in her life she wishes had never been written. It began in 2000, when her impoverished parents sold her to a wealthy couple in Cairo. When the pair moved to the United States, they arranged for the ten-year-old to be brought illegally into the country, where she worked, day and night, in the family’s posh home.  More

Islamic roots of the African slave trade. Fighting fiction with facts

Did you know that there are studies programs in the US that promote resentment against other races?

You gotta watch this. Especially in light of the current controversy over “ethnic studies programs”, which are based on nothing but  hatred of white America. You have taxpayer funded programs indoctrinating kids with racial grievances, illusions of “oppression” and  the overthrow of the U.S. government. And who’s behind it? Well, the United Nations, of course!

Arizona House Bill 2281 has led to student and teacher protests and threats of lawsuits, and has drawn sharp criticism from United Nations human rights experts.  The backlash erupted  even though the measure does not ban ethnic studies programs outright.  Instead, it places restrictions on them.

Read it here

Grievance monger Louis Farraklan  incites  black cutthroats against Jews and “the synagogues of Satan”

Vlad Tepes

Here is a video of Farrakhan spouting unfounded unsubstantiated historical revisionism about Jewish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. This is pretty clear as to what it is. Again, it is just a guy holding a book and ranting. The facts of course are that Jewish people marched with Martin Luther King and where first and foremost in the civil rights movement in the US. Then below, please watch the expertly researched documentary on the Arab-Islamic roots of the African slave trade. The facts are clear and in good evidence.

Daniel Pipes

Praising Military Slavery

If Saleh Al-Fawzan, a prominent Saudi religious figure justifies slavery in Islam, why not an Egyptian writer praise the Muslim practice of slavery?

In an article titled “The Polity of Islam and the Treatment of Slaves” appearing on the popular Arabic-language news website Moheet (English translation here), Mu’min ad-Dassuqi softens and extols the Muslim slave system:

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