Motherly Love

Remember this photo of a Pal-Arab momma stepping on the neck of the corpse of her son who betrayed Muslims by helping Israelis?

Well, I guess what goes around comes around:

Honor killing in Pakistan: Muslim guns down his mother for leaving the house

Sharia dictates that a woman is not to leave the house without permission from her husband or father. “Woman gunned down by son over ‘honour,'” from the Daily Times, July 14 (thanks to JW):

KARACHI: A man shot his mother dead allegedly over honour at their house in Shershah police precincts on Tuesday.According to SHO Fida Hussain, Haleema Basheer, 40, lived in a house in lane No 13 on Muhammadi Road, and was killed by her son Muneer.

SP Naeem Sheikh said the woman had left the house for a few days thrice in the past, and Muneer had been scoffed at by the neighbours because of that.

However, when his mother returned home after leaving the house for the fourth time, he shot her dead, the SP added.

Police said Muneer was an unemployed drug addict, while his father was a labourer and had four more children with the victim….

11 thoughts on “Motherly Love”

  1. Funny how these muslim scum try and avoid any responsibility for their crimes.
    How sick are these bastards?? A mother leaves the house and, because of a paranoid neighbor, the muslim male in a fit of extreme selfishness (as all muslims are) murders her because HE feels inadequate. And why are we letting scum like these pakis into our countries??? Maybe the shit took drugs to escape from islam???

  2. * Police said Muneer was an unemployed drug addict, while his father was a labourer and had four more children with the victim….

    Why wasn’t he living in a state-supplied mansion in Covent Garden?

  3. Well Mullah, put his case forward to the NullLaborEuroDhimmi commission. They will probably ensure that the muslim criminal lives well for the rest of its days – as long as it remembers its obligations on voting day!



  5. With these people it’s not a matter of what’s right or wrong but rather what is permissable and what is forbidden.

    So in this perverted culture it’s OK to waste your mother or sister if the family honour (sic) is ‘compromised’ but not OK to permit a modicum of liberty in a little matter like leaving the house.

    Beyond belief.

  6. I had a really good look at that photo, notice how the crowd seem to be so enthralled with death and dead people.

    Sick, demented, disgusting cretins. Mohammad the Prince of darkness, Islam the cult of perversion, Muslims the cancer of the earth.

  7. Good thinking Therese a hefty dose of radiation might well cure the world of islam.

  8. Whatever it is, the Jews will possibly observe radiation / biohazard protocols when disposing of the [muslim] bodies & body parts.

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