UK: Arrested for Spitting

There are many Muslims who regularely spit on  returning British soldiers and insult them in the vilest ways, but were they ever arrested, imprisoned or deported?

There are also Muslims like this one who nearly bashed a Briton dead with a baseball bat, but has he been arrested?

But when a drunk makes a fool of herself and curses Muslims, the law comes down on her like a ton of bricks. (English Law, that is)

Was she  arrested  for not being Muslim? You be the judge:

Woman jailed for abusing and spitting at Muslims as they left mosque

Worshippers leaving a mosque in Colne were subjected to a tirade of racist abuse by a drunken woman who spat on them in the street, a court heard.

Looks like you can always trust the British judiciary and the police to do the right (Muslim) thing:

U.K.: Muslim known for justifying the killing of U.S. and British soldiers is quietly reappointed as “main link between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim community”

Brothers Quaram and Asim Majid were leaving the venue in Chapel Street on Wednesday when they were confronted by Emma Woods, Burnley magistrates were told. Woods, 24, of Laithe Street, Colne, hurled abuse at the pair and repeatedly spat at them, as their 14-year-old nephew looked on, said prosecutor Bill Maude.

The brothers tried to walk away towards Albert Road and Colne Lane but Woods pursued them across the Pendle town, in scenes which were described in court as “disgraceful”.

Woods admitted two offences of racially aggravated assault and breaching a suspended prison sentence order, also imposed for assault. Magistrates jailed her for 146 days.

Mr Maude said the defendant continued to pursue the pair, as one of the brothers attempts to guide their 14-year-old nephew to safety. Woods shouted: “No-one wants you here. Get out of our country. This is our town.”

Lancashire Telegraph, 23 July 2010

8 thoughts on “UK: Arrested for Spitting”

  1. The local Bolton muslim community, being the scum that they are, will not turn in the muslim thug who nearly killed the British citizen. And even if they do, the local PC guided police and legal apparatus will probably charge that the muslim was provoked (perhaps by the existence of the Englishman) and give it some financial compensation.

  2. Until the Brits do something about this themselves – this will continue. At what point will they get sick and tired of the laws being one sided and start demanding that their country protect them? We can’t do it for them.

  3. In the UK as in the USA and Canada most of the elected representatives of the people have sold them out for a few cheap vote from the Muslim community. These poor excuses for civic servants are worse than prostitutes. Their PC, apologist, butt kissing, approach to the Radical Muslim Invasion is sickening, they must be voted out of office and told why. I feel as if I am living in a strange land on another planet.

  4. I came across a fellow expat (he was British) here in the Philippines who got indignant when I spoke ill of muslims.

    I laughed in his PC face and asked him to go find a “Paki” and apologize to him for something. The guy became red-faced incensed, sputtering, “racist, racist, racist!”

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