Does Australia's "Caring, Compassionate" Gov't Support Islamic Jihad?

Australian Islamist Monitor:

Muslim Terrorists flock on Aussie site

WoJ reported, here: “Conquest of Washington” Forum

It is so good to have such an understanding government, which won’t hesitate to give badly needed support to Muslim terrorists in the name of free speech and democracy.

It is a bit sad nontheless that the same government is not so tolerant of all those who are not impressed with Muslim favourite pass-time activities and  become vocal about it.

This site (AIM) for example was blocked by a number of government departments because  our opposition to becoming an Islamic state might have offended peaceful Muslim communities in Australia (and everywhre else).

Are you as impressed as I am?


Thanks to the RoP

This Muslim-American insists that his kids are “scared and terrified“ from his having been questioned by the FBI about the Times Squarebomber.  (The clearly traumatized children are pictured to the right).

Other RoP inflicted pain:

5 thoughts on “Does Australia's "Caring, Compassionate" Gov't Support Islamic Jihad?”

  1. The spitter didn’t intentionally spit on thw traffic warden, who walked into the spit, and he doesn’t know how the racist words came out …

    (muslims, always ready to accept responsibility for their crimes)

    [But Ali told the court the warden walked into the spit.

    Afshan Hashmi, prosecuting, said he admitted to police he spat and made a racist comment, but denied aiming the spit or the comment at Mr Ndindeng.

    She said: “He said he did spit, but not at Mr Ndindeng. He believed he may have walked into his spit and that’s how he got spit on him”]

    [He claimed the traffic wardens outside were laughing at him and added: “I wasn’t racist at anybody. I don’t know how the words came out.

    “I don’t know how the spit landed on him. I didn’t spit at anybody. I spat in front of me. Nobody was there.”]

    And so it goes.

  2. Again, this is most damning of the mohammedan character. Can any of our politicians explain what benefit these mohammedan thugs bring to our countries?? We know the politicians and their advisors read this site .. so ANSWER!

  3. Filthy lying turds they are. No manners, no dignity and certainly no honour.

    Personally I would of headbutted the bastard that hard he would of woken up in Yemen.

  4. Muslims seem to be continually “traumatized”, whether it’s seeing a dog in the street, contact with alcohol, cartoons, dropping a certain book, seeing women in the flesh, having to deal with infidels etc.. such a hard life, good thing our ancestors weren’t so precious, we’d never have got out of our caves!

    And if they really want to be terrified they should try facing the justice imposed by their “bruvvers” on Christians in islamic lands!

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