Ramadan Bacon Bits

The dumbest argument yet:

“Blocking the Ground Zero Mega Mosque Creates More Bin Ladens”

The New York Slimes runs with it: ‘Ground Zero mosque’ opponents assist al-Qaeda

And who’s behind it?

Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies said the outcry over the proposed center “plays into Awlaki’s arguments andOsama bin Laden’s arguments” by suggesting that Islam has no place in the United States. She said that extreme anti-Muslim views in the United States ironically mirror a central tenet of extreme Islamists: “That the world is divided into two camps, and they’re irreconcilable, and Muslims have to choose which side they’re on.”  New York Times, 20 August 2010

Actually, that’s the Muslim worldview, not ours. But the Islamists are masters of projection and deception…..

More on Mogahed? Here:

Thanks to the RoP

Bush confidante Hughes calls on Ground Zero organizers to ‘locate their mosque elsewhere’

Karen Hughes, who for years was one of George W. Bush’s closest advisers, is calling on the organizers of the Ground Zero mosque to “locate their mosque elsewhere.”  (Hughes in an article for Sunday’s Washington Post)

Don’t call me a fan just yet. This dame has done as much damage (if not more) than clueless Condi…..

Miss Muzzi USA: No Mosque at Ground Zero…

Hmm, she may hate Jews and supports Hamas, but should we be surprised that she doesn’t want to wear the burqa?

Gawker thinks “this complicates everything:” America’s beloved Miss USA, Rima Fakih — the first Muslim to hold that title — will hit the airwaves tonight to give her opinion on Cordoba House: it’s too close to Ground Zero! This complicates everything.

Clit-cutting kills 13-year old in Egypt

The doctor accused with the crime, Fatheya Mohamed Ahmed Eweida, has been taken into preventative custody. The victim died after a massive haemorrhage and her parents reportedly buried her, afraid of being caught. The news was reported by another doctor who learned about the incident.

Moderate Muslims have welcomed the measure, saying that FGM has nothing to do with Islam, and is a tradition of African origin. (Gee, then why do pious Muslims insist that clit-cutting it is “sunnah of the prophet?”) ANSAMED

Islamic Publishing House Prints Forged Bible…

(I don’t think we need to forge the Koran; its bad enough as it is…)

CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)– An Islamic publishing house in Egypt printed what it claims is a “forged” version of the Bible.  Abuislam Abdullah, owner of the Islamic Enlightenment Publishing House, wrote that the reason behind the publication of this version of the Bible was to prove that Christians themselves forged the books they now hold sacred.

The Coptic Church was offended by the publication and is considering filing a complaint with Egypt’s Attorney General, al-Masry al-Youm reported. (Worthy News)

Construction workers vow not to build Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero

Of course, their dhimmi Obamaite union bosses will have something to say about this. “They won’t build it! Hardhats vow not to work on controversial mosque near Ground Zero,” by Samuel Goldsmith for the New York Daily News, August 20 (thanks to JW):

Profit Moe’s Delusions:

“Which is more likely — that a man should be used as a transmitter by God to deliver some already existing revelations, or that he should utter some already existing revelations and believe himself to be, or claim to be, ordered by God to do so?

David Hume – Scottish philosopher. (born 1711 died 1776)

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  1. There is a tendency for people to say that because we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, then we must allow the mosque to be built…

    The message is that because we are democratic, then we must be true to respecting religious freedoms and allow mosques to continue being built.

    Saudi Arabia is undemocratic and wont allow non-Muslim religious buildings to be built.

    The shallowness of the statement is recognized when we ask why Saudi Arabia does not allow non-muslim places of worship to be built. Consequently, the reason is because they are islamic!

    Hence, if we dont want to be like Saudi Arabia, it’s high time that we stop mosques being built because Islam does not tolerate non-muslim places of worship. To continue to allow more mosques is tantamount to being like Saudi Arabia!

    To every rule there is an exception. Our democracies cannot survive with a growing Islam in our midst. Hence, the exception…no more mosques…otherwise we will become like..you guessed it: Saudi Arabia!

  2. “To every rule there is an exception. Our democracies cannot survive with a growing Islam in our midst. Hence, the exception…no more mosques…otherwise we will become like..you guessed it: Saudi Arabia!”
    Agreed. But we ALL wanna be just like “The Kingdom” don’t we? LOL

    Neither the U.S. Constitution nor the Bill of Rights are suicide pacts, but they’ll become that if Islam is allowed to continue its spread, unchecked, and under the guise of “it’s just a religion.”

    We have to figure out a way to effectively ram — before the eyes of the world — a crowbar between the rather narrow slice of the Islam pie that could be considered “religion” (the arse-wagging part?), and the rest of that festering, stinking doctrine of pure hatred for the “other” that isn’t “them” but is “us.”

  3. The Swiss were right to say;”we will give you permission to build a
    mosque here, if we can build a church in saudi Arabia”.

  4. “The Swiss were right to say;”we will give you permission to build a
    mosque here, if we can build a church in saudi Arabia”.
    Yes they were, and all free-thinking peoples should support that position unfalteringly. As ambivalent as I am on religion in general, I really wish the Catholic Church would press the freaking issue and seriously, SERIOUSLY say “we demand reciprocation from you Musulmen, and you will get no more tacit support from us for your grand mosque-building schemes unless and until YOU allow US to build a nice BIG cathedral in your Godforsaken country.”

    Yeah, they should say it just like that.

  5. You are right Eleanor Ruth, reciprocity is the answer, if not, let them
    go back to an islamic country, one can not go on condoning the lack of
    religious freedom in islamic countries and give them religious and democratic rights in the west that will be abused to undermine host societies.

  6. Also if we want to represent tolerance to the world, show that we do not tolerate intolerance – and say NO to the Hate, Racism and Bigotry Mosque masquerading as a religion, the only “religion” that calls Jews and Christians “sons of apes and pigs”.

  7. The worlds loonies think that it is political incorrect to be intolerant
    to the intolerants. not realising that when you are tolerant to the
    intolerants that they will be intolerant to the tolerants.
    So you are right that it is insensitive of the islamists to call jews and
    christians “sons of apes and pigs”.
    It is an islamic prejudice and goes against modern western opinion,
    the injustice within the religion will be its dowwnfall.
    that’s why islam won’t have any future under the coming dictator.

  8. Anne..it is NOT a religion…I had a close encounter with a well known cult and then later spent seven and a half years in another huge cult , so I know a cult when I see one; and also know how difficult it is to come out of one.
    I was just thinking last night that this issue..”It is not a religion” is really important. A very devout Catholic convert friend sent me an artice..in it somewhere it said about ”the proper attitude towards other religions.” Some time back she spoke to me about the anti islam letters I get published in a local paper…again wanting me to do what I do ”in the proper way.” I told her then that there was no ”proper way , there was only my way.” I think she is still struggling re this and is probably concerned about me being so outspoken but I think this is the BIG SNAG for Catholics and other Christians..they treat arslam as a religion..their leaders tell them to treat it as a religion..
    I repeat it is not a religion…
    There are good cult watch websites which probably give you the characteristics of a cult…just off the top of my head..
    They all..love bomb you at the beginning…when they think they have you hook line and sinker., you quickly just become one of the crowd………they all separate you from your family
    ……..they all separate you from your old friends.
    ……..they usually control your movements
    ……..they all create ”us and them” by disparaging some other group and talking up their own group
    ………they often deprive you of your sleep
    ………they get you to read the same literature over and over..
    You can see that islam ticks a lot of these boxes…So much of what they demand is in the name of religion and under cover of being a religion…I intend to hammer this point more in future.

  9. For the ignorant muslims and non-believers alike islam is a religion.
    For the others who know, it is an incompetent political-social-religious system. As said; religion itself has no real future.

  10. They are beginning to eat themselves from within. The signs are encouraging. The inter marriages is producing more and more morons, psychopaths, pathological liars, Schizophrenia, and birth defects like you have never ever been seen in such proportion in a normal cross section of any population. There obsession with sex and all that follows i.e. the deaths of little girls, disease, is taking its toll. Hooray!!!!!

  11. Bacon Bits header.

    Do you know that you can buy ham, bacon and all salami goods made from pork in Turkey? I used to buy it at Megros in Antalya. It was very much enjoyed by my friend there on a Sunday morning brunch. They had no quams about eating pork because they had the benefit of education and know as we do that pork is one of the cleanest meats to eat and it is also used for bypass surgery and heart valves etc., because it is the most compatible to human beings. Just a little quirky info. Happy Ramadan those of you on the fast. Does the fast also include fasting from sex. Now that would be a really good Ramadan for those guys, dont you think? haha

  12. Therese ..where do you see the signs about all the birth defects etc ?? I know this is an issue in the UK and in a particular area of Sydney.

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