Thousands of illegal immigrants escape deportation because police fear being called racist

By Ryan Kisiel/Daily Mail

Abject Dhimmitude, Ignorance & Fear of Being Called ‘Racist’ Helps Islamic Terrorists to Firmly Establish Themselves Behind Enemy Lines.

Thousands of illegal immigrants are escaping deportation as police fear being accused of racism if they question a suspect’s nationality, according to a Home Office report.

Failure to carry out the proper checks on migrants while they are in police custody is leading to huge amounts remaining in the country rather than being deported.    Continued beneath the fold>>>

And from Canada’s Ottawa Airport we got this:

OTTAWA – A former U.S. special forces soldier, trained to speak Arabic, said he’s seen veiled Muslim women laughing at and deriding airport security personnel after refusing to lift their veils.

The soldier was one of several who have shared their stories via e-mail or by telephone of two-tier treatment at Canadian airports.  QMI Agency has reported that while Transport Canada rules required that each person must be checked immediately before boarding, airport employees say it often does not happen.

Transport Minister John Baird has ordered a review of airport procedures and, on Tuesday, said anyone, veiled or otherwise, who puts up a fuss at airport security and refuses identity checks, ought to be arrested.   “If people are intimidating and threatening airport workers doing security checks, we won’t tolerate that in Canada,” Baird said. “We’re seeking 100% compliance not 99%.” (The Ottawa Sun has the full story)

Police fear asking questions about their nationality because they will be hung out to dry by politically correct regulations.

The Home Office report recommends that more checks on suspects while in custody and a closer relationship with the UK Border Agency is needed to identify illegal immigrants.

A pilot study found that when enhanced checks were applied, more than three times as illegal immigrants were found. The 14 custody suites in England and Wales showed that the number of those identified rose from 73 to 250 during the three-month trial.

In one city, 20 suspected illegal immigrants were found during the first month, but only six were deported due to a lack of detention space. The rest were all given temporary release with conditions.

The Determining Identity and Nationality in Local Policing report also revealed that 435 foreign nationals were arrested in the same area and period – accounting for 25 per cent of all arrests.

‘The research demonstrated that more rigorous practices in custody suites could increase the number of foreign nationals and illegal migrants who are identified as being involved in criminal activity,” its authors said.

‘In some sites there was a marked reluctance to challenge arrestees who claimed to be British, even though officers suspected that the claims might be false.

‘This reluctance was commonly ascribed to the fear that any such challenge could result in an accusation of racism.’

The report also found that police officers were generally uncomfortable with detaining illegal migrants who had not been charged with a criminal offence and, in half of the 14 sites studied, ‘custody suite leads perceived illegal migrants as being a drain on custody suite time and resources’.

‘The use of police custody suites to detain arrestees because of their immigration status was a significant source of tension between the police and the immigration service in nearly every site visited,’ the report added.

Just under one in five of all suspected illegal migrants arrested were questioned over serious offences, compared with just over one in ten of UK citizens arrested, the report found.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘This research is more than three years old, and we are committed to improving the way the police and UK Border Agency work together.

‘We have already started making improvements with better information sharing, joint Local Immigration Crime Teams, and the introduction of a 24-hour phone service allowing police officers to check an offenders’ nationality with the UK Border Agency.

‘The new Government has recognised that much more still needs to be done – that is why we are currently undergoing a summer of activity to crackdown on foreign lawbreakers, and why we are committed to speeding up the removals of those with no right to be in the UK.’

2 thoughts on “Thousands of illegal immigrants escape deportation because police fear being called racist”

  1. “Abject Dhimmitude, Ignorance & Fear of Being Called ‘Racist’”

    You know what they say about people who claim “they are the only sane ones…the rest of the world is sicko”.
    I am noticing this more and more. I am being called a “nutbar”, a racist, a bigot, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, for my stance on immigration, security, mosques, particularly the one at Ground Zero.
    Dr. Laurie Roth has summed up the phenomenon in her article: Mosque at 9/11 site is International Muslim trophy

    Who are the real “nutbars” in the world? I wonder?
    Dhimmitude, and fear of being labelled a racist, Islamophobe or xenophobe, has become an “International obsession” with the politically correct left and it is past the point of insanity, in my viewpoint.

    The powers that be will no longer listen to the majority of the populace that does not want sharia encroachment. They simply put their stamps of approval on a new mosque, a law banning freedom of speech, or they throw innocent people in jail for protesting Islamic rule without asking questions. Muslim terrorists have more rights than we do.
    In Afghanistan soldiers are losing their lives at a rapid pace due to the politically correct Rules of Engagement imposed by the US Department of Justice.

    Where will this all end?
    My guess is that it will end with a World Islamic Caliphate with the politically correct dhimmis bowing down to Allah and the poor suckers who were opposed paying the jizya and literally losing our heads.

    If I could reverse time I would go back to 595 AD and put a bullet through Mohammad’s head before he even met Khadijah on that caravan that turned him into the narcissistic psychopath that changed the face of the world by making a pact with Evil.

    For god sakes, in Michael H. Hart’s The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, Muhammad is described as the most influential person in history. Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms.
    Mohammad was successful alright. He was the greatest murdering pirate that ever lived. Mohammad was the real xenophobe! He was petrified of Christians and Jews and warned his followers to stay clear of them for fear of being converted. He was the initiator of Jewish holocaust long before Hitler.
    The man was a genocidal maniac and the scariest part is…devout Muslims look up to him as a father figure, a mentor.

  2. This is interesting and it ties up with the wearing of a niqab when giving testimony. Threats to the justice system are only compounded by allowing the accused not to see the witness face while they testify.

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