"Feelings Hurt"

Atheist burns Koran and Bible

SMH/thanks to Mullah

No, not him. You don’t lose your job for smoking the flag…..

A lawyer who videoed himself smoking what appeared to be joints made with pages from the Bible and the Koran expects to lose his job at a Queensland university.

In the video, posted on YouTube, Queensland University of Technology staffer Alex Stewart compares cigarettes made with pages from the two holy texts.

In the clip, titled “Bible or Koran – which burns best?”, the professed atheist says burning religious books is no big deal and people need to get over it.

“We condemn it and our feelings have been hurt by this man,” Sheik Muhammad Wahid told AAP.

“There is no need for this kind of thing, just to create disunity and disharmony among people living in Australia.

(We all know that Muslims  have contributed tremendously to create unity and harmony in Australia.)

Mr Stewart, an assistant organiser with a group called Brisbane Atheists, was not at his Brisbane home on Monday but in a message on the group’s website he said he expected to be sacked.

“I’m screwed. I think I will lose my job over this. Damn it,” he wrote.

He defended the stunt, saying basic freedoms, such as freedom of speech, should not be threatened simply because someone might be offended.


Its art. Its cool. Its progressive! (As long as its not Islam, nobody gets hurt, right….?)

IT’S the latest art exhibition designed to shock – hard-core porn superimposed on a renaissance painting of the Madonna and child.

Rodney Pople’s art is erotic, exotic and designed to shock/Telegraph

One thought on “"Feelings Hurt"”

  1. Pople, “My paintings challenge the facade of our politically correct society by hinting, with an unabashed use of fiction and exaggeration, what might lie beneath the surface.”

    So he is against politically correct speech. Good. Very good. Now lets see him make a similar painting for Muhammed.
    The only satisfaction, if that is the word, I have of such painters debasing the faith that is at the root of our civilisation, is that Christianity is regarded by the painters as their inheritance as well, and thus to be ‘challenged’. They do not regard Islam as part of their civilisation, and therefore see no value in attacking it.

    They would argue, that it is for Muslim painters and artists to challenge Islam, and not them.

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