New York is a Mosquerade

Massive Distortion of Massive Rally (Atlas)

Massive 9/11 Rally “News” Distorted by Establishment Media

Mega-mosque imam skips court date for squalid slums he owns in New Jersey, while his lawyer reminds us Union City’s “worst landlord” is a “man of peace”

And, he added, “integrity!” Said one resident: “he doesn’t take care of this building or the building around the corner, and he’s going to take care of a mosque?”

Indeed, the backers of the most aggressive, insensitive, and insulting development project in recent history have shown themselves to be breathtakingly incompetent in all things real estate: we’ve seen the eviction of Sharif el-Gamal for non-payment of rent,back taxes owed by the same thug on the mosque property, the revelation that the mega-mosque backers don’t even own all the land they intend to build on, and now this.

Meanwhile, in Union City, New Jersey, residents will be the first to observe that platitudes about peace don’t clear up the toxic hazard of a mold infestation, wipe out the bedbugs, fix the sprinkler system and fire alarms, or pay the officers who are working overtime to watch the properties in case one catches fire, so Rauf’s tenants don’t die.

But… “peace.” You just remember that, and turn that frown upside-down. “Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Rauf is a no-show in New Jersey court,” by Tom Topousis for theNew York Post, September 15, via JW

Bernie Goldberg educates Bill O’Reilly on the mosque charade, Imam Rauf and so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims:
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