Shaken, Not Stirred

Controversy shakes Muslim youth in U.S.

Islamic students in America are voicing concerns that attacks on their faith could drive some to become radicals. For them, any suggestion that being Muslim is incompatible with being American is disturbing. “Controversy” is enough to unhinge some of the poor things. (StarTribune Minnesota) Read it here: “Moderate Muslims” threaten to turn “radical” if they get angry

Obama Government Imposes Sharia:

Our pro-Islamic government is at it again,trying to shove Islam down our throats. My question to the non-Muslims in our government who support Islam is this. Do you have any concerns whatsoever, about your families future generations being forced to live under Islamic rule? Patting yourself on the back for being “tolerant”, does not make the the threat of Islam disappear. You are not Houdini, and this is not a magic show. Please think past the day you are in.

Swift plant sued over treatment of Muslim workers

OMAHA — Federal officials say a JBS Swift & Co. meatpacking plant should give Muslim employees prayer time and not retaliate against workers who ask to pray. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of more than 80 Somali Muslims.   (Loganswarning)

Some good news:

FBI refuses to cave in to Hamas-linked CAIR’s intimidation tactics over Spencer invitation

A month after the Hamas-linked Islamic supremacist hate group CAIR tried to intimidate the FBI into apologizing for inviting me to speak in Virginia some time ago,Politico noticed the story and asked the FBI about it. The FBI, which is on to CAIR, wouldn’t throw the wolves any red meat.

“FBI defends invitation to Islam critic,” by Ben Smith at Politico/ read it at Jihad Watch

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    Maybe Shem could work on a “London Explo 2012” toon to go with
    the Olympics – they are likely to be either a blast or a bomb.

  2. Quote: “Moderate Muslims” threaten to turn “radical” if they get angry

    Any excuse to become a Jihadi.

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