What could be worse than a 'fundamentalist pastor' burning the 'holy koran?'

Q: If Islam is the religion of peace, then why is the US State Dept. afraid that Americans will be killed by Muslims?

U.S. government, Interpol warn of violent anti-U.S. demonstrations around the world.  (eye on the world has more…)

Terry Jones will fly to New York on Saturday morning in attempt to broker a deal over the Ground Zero mosque in return for cancelling his threat to burn the Koran.

After initially cancelling his September 11 Koran burning on Thursday evening, Mr Jones has now threatened to press ahead with his incendiary plans unless a Muslim imam cancels his controversial mosque project. (Telegraph UK)

Hamid Karzai, the Afghan President, added his voice to those of other leaders from other Islamic countries who have said that the Koran burning would be an attack on all Muslims.

“The Koran is in the hearts and minds of all Muslims. The affront against the holy book is a humiliation to the people. We are hopeful that he gives up this affront and should not even think about it.”

Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama earlier warned that the plans served as a “recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda”, and were “completely contrary to our values”. Burning the Koran could provoke a wave of terrorist attacks on the West.

Asif Ali Zardari, the Pakistani president, condemned the plan as “despicable”. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, said it would damage attempts to reconcile Muslims and the West.

Update: Tony Bliar

You knew this was coming. Just a few days ago he sounded off as if he had taken time out and learned something about Islam. He didn’t.  BLiar is not only a simpleton, but vain and ignorant as a Socialist parvenu can be. What makes things worse is that he thinks you suffer from the same learning disability:

Tony Blair on the Koran Burning: A “Stupid Thing To Do,” Will Be Used By People Who Want to Exploit These Issues (hot air pundit)

WoJ recently featured:

Caliphate News is really, really trying to make you think like you should and employs a heavy weight in politically correct science:

You see, Anthony Cole’s got it all worked out:

“….this protest is mean-spirited, divisive and intolerant. It’s a shortsighted, provocative act that will set back efforts to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.”

Special to CNN: ‘Burn a Quran’ pastor puts all at risk”

5 thoughts on “What could be worse than a 'fundamentalist pastor' burning the 'holy koran?'”

  1. Generally I’m against burning books. There are two reasons why I have to make an exception

    1. Not burning the koran is an indication that Western nations have caved, are cowards and will not defend even their own religion and culture, but will bow down to the koran.

    2. Most Muslims will see that even though we may be occupying a couple of Muslim countries, on the political front, we have surrendered, and admitted that Islam is more ‘powerful’ an ideology then anything we have in the West.

    From this they will naturally assume, and they are right, that politically and ideologically, they have conquered the West. The physical conquest is then only a matter of time.

  2. Yeah well this is going to be one of those “but I will defend to the death your right to say it” things that the muzzies are always harping on about, isn’t it.

    They will attack your saying “I generally am against book burning …” , whining “why make an exception for this particular book?” You know they will.

    Having said that, I’m really excited about the first open act of defiance since … oh, I don’t know, Fitna?

    Everybody who has said they are against book burning will secretly cheer him on. But from now on, we’ll have to make it not so secret.

    Instead of standing by, seemingly appalled but secretly pleased, freedom lovers all over the world should be joining in this symbolic gesture, making their stand public. If the comments on just this one website is anything to go by, there must be millions of US around.

  3. Pastor Jones on his own has brought the whole established church of Liberal of the West, screaming for his blood.

    Isn’t it interesting that just one man, has shaken the ground of this formidable church of Liberalism, backed by the entire media and all the politicians of the West. If one pastor can do this, it shows how fragile this Liberal PC church is.

    Pastor Jones may have a small tiny church, but it is built on solid ground, on a rock. The established church of Liberalism is huge, has the backing of every western state, in fact Liberalism is the state, has the total backing of the media, but is built on sand.

  4. “Puts all at risk”? Puts what at risk? All the inroads to peaceful diversity or something like that? If we don’t stand up for our way of life we will be dhimmified. It is only a matter of time. The above is correct.

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