No sharia here, look away, nothing to see…

UMHS News thanks to Mullah

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Physicians need to accommodate religious and cultural values when providing health care to patients from diverse backgrounds, says a University of Michigan emergency physician in the current issue of Journal of Medical Ethics.

“The first step to accommodating a patient’s religious values and practices is to understand what they are and how deeply rooted they are in the patient’s belief system,” says Aasim I. Padela, M.D., an emergency physician, instructor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation® Clinical Scholar at the U-M Health System.

With approximately 7 million Muslims in the United States, (there are 3 to 4 million Mohammedans in the US, but they have a habit of inflating their numbers… and if they don’t get what they demand all 1.5 gazillion muslims will come to behead us in the name of Allah, which has nothing to do with Islam….)

Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion in the United States and…. blah blah blah….. (More)

A Muslim Woman is Free to be Submissive:

Forcing the ‘voluntary’ burqa on his tilt gets imam one year of prison da’awa

Imam of Cunit jailed for threatening woman who refused to wear Islamic dress

A court has sentenced to one year in prison for the Iman of Cunit (Tarragona), Mohamed Benbrahim for the “serious coercion” of Ghailan Fatima in acts against her will. Sra Fatima, a practising Muslim and a cultural mediator in the local council isolated and harassed for wearing a Western lifestyle by the imam and other members of the Islamic community of the town, the prosecutor claimed.  (The Reader/thanks to Mullah)

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  1. I got a document to fill out and it asked me if I had any religious needs – dietary or otherwise. I said “NO” to halal and wrote because of animal abuse, and “NO” to moslem staff because their koran/sharia wants me dead.

    We need to stop being politically correct. Plant those seeds of doubt, those seeds in the minds of others to wake up – no matter where we are!! Even if I woke up a clerk – that clerk might be the next great leader to wake many, many people up to what islam is.

  2. Allow muslims to train their own Doctors, pay to open their own Hospitals or shut up and go to American Hospitals. Seems reasonable to me.

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