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Rumor causes Muslim teenager to “punish” his younger sister with a belt  for flirting with boys at school

As the oldest male in the family, he had a duty to discipline her. Court heard the teen, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, became angry over rumours about his sister and on Sept. 27, 2008, he struck her seven to eight times on the right arm and leg with his belt.

But not to worry, he will not get a conviction because he “pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and says he wants to become a police officer.” (National Post) Update below the fold>>>

New Zealand court  rules by sharia: formally recognizes the legal status of Paki  guardianship:

In a landmark ruling the High Court has formally recognised Pakistan’s Islamic law, and allowed an 18-month-old boy to come to New Zealand.  The judgment by Justice Christopher Allan in the case of “MH” – as the child is now known – is the first by a New Zealand court to formally recognise the legal status of Pakistani guardianship.

Two days after he was born in Karachi, MH’s birth parents gave him to their close friends, Pakistan-born New Zealand citizens Iqbal Sharif and Sara Sami.  The Pakistan Family Court has issued a certificate of guardianship, formally recognising the donation.

Immigration New Zealand refused MH a visa, saying that what had occurred in Pakistan was not adoption as it was understood in New Zealand law. (No adoption in Islam since Muhammad screwed the wife of his adopted son)

But Pakistan does not recognise adoption.

In a closely argued ruling, Justice Allan considered Islamic law (Sharia) and ruled in favour of the adopted parents. (Hundreds, if not thousands more will follow/ed) (National)

Oklahoma Says No to Sharia

As Americans learn more about Islam, the aspect they find most objectionable is not its theology (such as whether Allah is God or not) nor its symbolism (such as an Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan) but its law code, called the Sharia. Rightly, they say no to a code that privileges Muslims over non-Muslims, men over women, and contains many elements inimical to modern life. (More from Daniel Pipes)

My sharia amore:

Makram M., a Swedish national of Tunisian origin, became the first “Swedish” suicide bomber in Iraq

The man, of Tunisian background, lived in Sweden and was married to a Swedish woman.

His Proud Wife & Mother of his Children sez: “What he has done is right. I’m proud of him.”

An Extremist Sharia Makeover

For the past month-and-a-half, the Islamic Society of Milwaukee (ISM) has been sponsoring a program attempting to whitewash the effect that Sharia law, if implemented, would have on American society. Teaching the courses was Zulfiqar Ali Shah, an individual tied to various radical Muslim groups, including a Hamas charity. Does the ISM really believe that a known extremist can put a good face on Sharia, and what does this say about those who advocate for Sharia?  (Joe Kaufman)

It’s important to note that the imam quoted in this article is none other than Syed Sohawardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, the same imam who aggressively argued that sharia law be implemented in Canada. He was also one of the chief complainants against Ezra Levant, who found great offense in his decision to reprint the Danish cartoons in the now defunct Western Standard. You can see his barely legible, scribbled application of complaint here.
Here is Sohawardy’s article defending sharia as he tries to counter oft ‘misunderstandings’ of it’s inherent beauty. The attempt here is an obvious one; to deny the truth of sharia’s twisted, illiberal principles and to convey it as a system of gender equality, tolerance of other religions, sincerity, honesty, piety and purity- a blessing for any society. The imam does though acknowledge some ‘ills’ within Muslim nations by stating yet again another remarkable defense of sharia:
“The current chaos in Muslim countries is not because of sharia. It is because of an absence of sharia’.
I am baffled as to why responses are sought from Muslim leaders whose group efforts seek to implement sharia within Canadian society, who constantly defend it, lie for it and apologize for it. Why anyone would ring up these people for comment is beyond me. I am even more disturbed that this young woman-hater will not receive a criminal record for his crime and the relatives who guided him were not subsequently charged with criminal complicity in their role of aiding and abetting him. Those who practice the art of taqiyya, another golden sharia principle, will no doubt pass this off too, as just one more  ‘misquote’ or ‘misunderstanding’. Here is one of many found in the Qur’an relating to the pre-approved, pious sanctioning of women/wife abuse:

The Qur’an:
Qur’an (4:34) – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”

Oh, and one other thing- the young lad who dutifully, honestly, sincerely and piously obeyed Islam’s sharia by assaulting his sister with his belt wants to become……. a police officer.

Quran quote courtesy of The Religion of Peace, Got Quran?

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  1. If the little creep is accepted into the police force then the people who recruit the thug should be jailed,

  2. The first step would be to flush the High Court and install only judges sworn to uphold New Zealand law.

  3. Canadian prof: Yes, Islam condones wife beatings

    It is refreshing to see the truth printed by the mainstream media. Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar is a is a professor emeritus at Mount Royal University, and oddly enough, he misunderstands Islam in exactly the same way that I do, and that so many others do who are honest about the contents of the Qur’an and Sunnah. “Yes, Islam condones wife beatings,” by Mahfooz Kanwar in The Calgary Herald, January 17 (thanks to all who sent this in):

    Recently, Marvin Levant (Dec. 28), Steve Harris (Dec. 30), Syed Soharwardy (Jan. 2), and Riazuddin Ahmed (Jan. 5) debated Islam through the forum of the Herald’s letters to the editor.
    The issue of wife beating and gender inequality in Islam has become convoluted and highly controversial as many Muslims try to sugar-coat the ugly truths and others try to shed some light on the issue.

    Soharwardy’s statement that “Beating one’s wife is not only wrong, it is criminal and completely un-Islamic” is incorrect. The Qur’an says that “men are in charge of women because Allah has made one of them (men) to excel the other (women), thus man’s superiority over women . . . good women are the obedient ones . . . admonish the rebellious women and banish them, and scourge them (whip them severely to inflict pain) (4:34) . . . smote them (hit or strike with the hand or with a weapon causing pain, beat them . . . (4:62)”.

    Islam does not recognize gender equality. For example, polygamy is accepted in Islam, but polyandry is not. A woman’s testimony is considered half as worthy as a man’s in court; a son inherits twice as much as a daughter does. Muslim men may marry Muslim, Jewish or Christian women, but Muslim women can marry only Muslim men. In short, sharia law leads to the inhuman treatment of Muslim women by their husbands and others, especially in South Asia and the Middle East.

    Higher education is emphasized more for sons than for daughters; in cultural honour killings, almost always women are the target for murder. Under sharia, divorced Muslim women get custody of their sons under eight years of age and daughters until puberty, and then the fathers take the children away. Sharia enabled one of the worst fundamentalists, the vile and ruthless military dictator, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, to put more than 15,000 rape victims in jail because they could not comply with the absurd Islamic condition requiring them to have numerous male witnesses of their victimization. They were charged with fornication and their rapists were let go free.

    At birth, all infants are equal, but Islam makes then unequal; sharia is incompatible with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Soharwardy knows all of this to be true. It is in his Qur’an and other Islamic texts. I have no desire to hear useless excuses from mullahs for all these gender inequalities in Islam.

    Soharwardy and I were on CHQR Radio in Calgary to discuss the issue of a 17-year-old Muslim boy who beat his 16-year-old sister. That boy was incited by an illiterate mullah to discipline his sister because she was suspected of flirting with a white boy in northeast Calgary. Soharwardy and I agreed it was not an Islamic requirement for the boy to do what he did. I mentioned that Muslim husbands do have sharia-sanctioned power to discipline their wives….

    Read it all.

    The Qur’an does not say beat your wife if she is disobedient; it says beat her if you merely “fear” or suspect disobedience

    Below are ten translations of the notorious portion of Qur’an Chapter 4, Verse 34, the beat-your-disobedient-woman verse.

    Six of the ten translations use the word “beat.”

    Two translations use the word “scourge,” which as a verb means to whip.

    And two of the translations use the word “chastise.” Most dictionaries give corporal punishment (beating, or “stripes”) as one of the main definitions of “chastise.”

    Some of the translators insert softening words in parentheses. None of the insertions in parentheses are in the original Arabic of the Qur’an.

    Pickthall: “and scourge them”
    Yusuf Ali: “(And last) beat them (lightly)”
    Al-Hilali/Khan: “(and last) beat them (lightly, if it is useful)”
    Shakir: “and beat them”
    Sher Ali: “and chastise them”
    Khalifa: “then you may (as a last alternative) beat them”
    Arberry: “and beat them”
    Rodwell: “and scourge them”
    Sale: “and chastise them”
    Asad: “then beat them”
    Dawood: “and beat them.”

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