Devoid of Reason: Muslim Leaders Attack the Pope

Al-Azhar cuts off talks with Vatican for daring to criticize Muslim persecution of Christians

Shut up and take it like a good dhimmi. An outrageous example of how Islamic supremacists constantly displace responsibility for evil deeds done by Muslims — from the leading institution in Sunni Islam, which the New York Times has called “the most moderate Islamic educational institution.”

“Sunni Islam’s al-Azhar freezes talks with the Vatican,” from DPA, January 20 (thanks to JW):

Cairo – Al-Azhar, one of Sunni Islam’s oldest universities and mosques said Thursday it has indefinitely suspended inter-faith talks with the Vatican in response to recent remarks by Pope Benedict XVI on attacks against Christians in the Middle East.The decision was taken in light of Benedict’s ‘repeated negative references to Islam and his claims that Muslims persecute those living among them in the Middle East,’ Al-Azahr said in statement sent to the German Press Agency dpa.

Al-Azhar, which is a Cairo-based government institution, and the Vatican have previously cooperated to promote dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

However, relations were shaken when Benedict earlier this month condemned a New Year’s Eve bombing of a Christian Coptic church in Alexandria that killed 23 people.

How dare he!

The pontiff’s words drew criticism from Egypt’s top Muslim cleric, Ahmed Al-Tayeb of al-Azhar University who described then as an ‘unacceptable interference in Egypt’s affairs.’…

Pamela has the story here: MUSLIM LEADERS ATTACK THE POPE

Islam is devoid of reason

It’s impossible to have a meaningful dialogue with someone who is delusional. Or as Pope Benedict pointed out and has recently been reminded, you can’t have a dialogue with Islam as it is a faith which is devoid of reason.

What the Imam admits is that the Muslims don’t actually have any reason for or actual claim to Moses but that Muslims should make claim to his goodness out of their own competitive desire and need to be superior. In other words the advice is if you see something great which you don’t own just steal it from someone who does own it. Then pretend it was yours all along, and use physical violence to enforce it. By all means delude yourself of your own greatness!

The Ten Commandments calls that tendency to want something which belongs to another covetousness and forbids it. Too bad the Muslims don’t actually appreciate the deep wisdom of the Laws of Moses but prefer their dreamy delusions of grandeur.

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  1. Islam has earned the right to be cursed by the Pope himself.
    Islam is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    The Pope need say no more.

  2. The violent Hate and Death CULT of Islam invented by the antisemitic, incestuous, misogynistic, megalomaniac, Arab supremacist and violent warlord Mohammad is the home of the perennial VICTIM.

  3. ISLAM uses the word “Najis” to describe things they believe are filthy and untouchable. Infidels aree on the list.


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