Moonbat Messiah: we need to “build stuff and invent stuff”

The Blaze

As the president gears up for the 2012 campaign, he may need to brush up on his stump speeches. Sure, he’s canned the teleprompters recently, but telling America we need to “build stuff and invent stuff” isn’t really the epitome of eloquence:

Muslims have a long tradition of inventing stuff.


Not so.

They’re better at knocking things down…..

2 thoughts on “Moonbat Messiah: we need to “build stuff and invent stuff””

  1. Mohammadans are fatalists their CULT tells them that allah has pre ordained EVERYTHING even their belief in him, So why worry and why try everything is going to go as allah ordained. When we used to come across beggars in the Gulf we would say to them “allah Karim” (sp) “allah will provide’ and this satisfied them. BTW as according to Mohammedans allah PRE ordains your whole life including your belief or not in HIM. How come he then punishes NON believers in eternal hellfire occasionally renewing their skin so he can burn it off again. Surely this makes all an ILLOGICAL EVIL SADIST. Creating souls simply to punish. I have asked many Mohammedans to explain this contradiction but non can.

  2. Maybe I can explain this to you.


    Allah is a variation of Al Lat which was one of the idols in Mecca “Al Lat and AL Ezza”

    Islam is illogical and this is why no one will answer to you. If the non believers or infidels’ lives are pre ordained, why bother creating them and why do mohammadans fight with them.

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