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Saudi cleric: “Qaddafi’s government is not Islamic”

Gaddafi’s sons tried to get Saudi clerics to say the uprisings were un-Islamic, but Saleh Al-Lehaydan went the other way.

“He is not an imam (leader) or a true Muslim,” the member of the Saudi Council of Ulema (senior religious scholars), the kingdom’s top Islamic body, said….

“Saudi Cleric Denies Fatwa Against Protests in Libya,” from Xinhua, March 1:

Immediately, Gaddafi springs into action: Gaddafi Urges Followers to Chant ‘Allah’…

Speak No Evil- Networks Obscure Deadly Extremism of Muslim Brotherhood

ABC, NBC and CBS news programs have mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood 135 times in 17 years, but only linked them to fundamentalist Islam 37 percent of the time. Just since the unrest in Egypt began in January, they’ve mentioned the Brotherhood 85 times, and decreased how often they report the nature of the group – just 32 percent of those stories mentioned the group’s extremism. Read More

But you can always get the facts here: Yusuf al-Qaradawi answers your questions

UN set to adopt report that praises Libya’s human rights record

It’s almost as if the UN has a secret agenda of seeing how far it can go into dhimmitude and idiocy before the U.S. pulls the plug. And no, this won’t be the limit, either. “UN set to adopt report that praises Libya’s human-rights record,”- (but I won’t be holding my breath. With the O-turd in the White House, they can do no wrong)

Ahmadinejad: Iran ‘Best Example’ of Human Rights…

Treatment of dissenters in Iran:  taking human rights to a higher level…….

“In a world full of deception — where terrorism, internal disputes, war, bloodshed and military occupation are being supported in the name of freedom… — it is the obligation of an Islamic government to provide the world with an excellent example and model for the achievement of religious democracy,” the Iranian president went on to say. (source)

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  1. Imam in France:
    – Persecution of Christians in Orient
    is desinformation!

    France 2 last Wednesday
    Taqiyya response to very clear question with references to copts in Egypt, etc

    Program: “Face to face with the French”, discussions
    Among other guests: Tariq Ramadan, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac – designer to the Pope.

  2. The Saudi Cleric will do himself a great favor if he will check and double check the Ancestry Books of the Saudi Royal Family!
    Because there are persistent rumors calming that one of their distant forefathers was named, Greenberg, Greenbaum or Greenblat ! … any how, something to do with Green !

    Is it possible… Oh, no! It can’t be!…

  3. To seee the truth about Islamic persecutions against Christians,and others,go to, The Voice of The Martyrs website.
    The only ones who will deny it are the ones who condone it in the name of the insane god,Allah.

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