In Charge But Not Responsible: the Incompetence of Australia's Polit-Clowns

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Arabian KRudd or Kevin of Arabia?

Whose interests is KRudd serving?

KRUDD comes first:

Sheer coincidence: The Zelig of the Gillard Government pops up at the Royal Wedding: this time he has beaten Julia Gillard to the punch by getting to London before the Prime Minister to revel in the atmosphere of today’s royal wedding.

You are paying for this:

Yet another boat, yet more trouble

Yet another lot of people who will soon have access to our courts and to berths in already bulging detention centres: Asylum seekers go the full court press

The Black Knight now runs Gillard’s boat people policy

In how many ways must East Timor say no before the Gillard Government accepts it?

It’s Sudanese vs the Islanders in multicultural Melbourne

This time a Sudanese man is a victim, but the issue still is how well some immigrant groups fit in….

It seems the police fooled us about Sudanese crime

Victoria’s new police leadership seems less shy about releasing data linking crime to birthplace, thus identifying problems that need fixing:

SUDANESE-born Victorians are the most violent ethnic group in the state, police figures show. More than 330 Sudanese immigrants and visitors were accused of assault in Victoria in 2009-10, according to police records…

Allah doesn’t like competition:

Gradual Islamization of Australia: Auburn shows the Way

Australia’s oldest Hindu temple, the Sri Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva, considered as the holiest Shiva-Shakti Peetham, in Auburn, is under siege and its devotees are gripped by fear. (Islam Monitor)

In charge but not responsible:

So who’s to blame for “no decision?”

It appears that Chris Bowen simply uses “political deception” (source)

Who should be fired first?

The AFP top brass or Chris Bowen? And the only question here is not IF but WHEN.  (source)

Australia’s Shysters Are Licking Their Chops:

When you don’t know why you are in a high security jail …

Well … naturally the authorities must set you free without any further delay – according to THIS ambulance chaser posing as a lawyer.

A lawyer for 22 asylum seekers being held in a Sydney jail has filed a fresh complaint to the Commonwealth ombudsman over their treatment.

Stephen Blanks for the New South Wales Council of Civil Liberties is providing legal representation for the men.

“It seems extraordinary that you can end up in a maximum security prison and not know why you’re there,” Mr Blanks said.

He might have something there you know.

After all who would know that torching buildings, terrorising security guards and destroying somebody else’s property might be perceived as criminal behaviour.

The men were take to Silverwater prison after a riot at Villawood Detention Centre last week.

Nine buildings were destroyed by fire during the disturbance. (source)

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  1. The Maoris are simply fighting to protect from the muslim hoard. Here hoping that the somali shithead dies.

  2. I would be happy if Australia implemented punishment, instead of meet & greets with free room and board, bonfire nights, nights on the tiles …

  3. Perhaps Australia can learn from this story.
    Denmark’s strict immigration laws have saved the country 6.7 billion euros, a government report has claimed.
    According to the figures, migrants from non-Western countries who did manage to come to Denmark have cost the state €2.3 billion, while those from the West have actually contributed €295 million to government coffers.,1518,759716,00.html

  4. Trouble is, unless a problem stops Aussies dead in the track, the ‘she’ll be right, mate’ rule applies. A lot worse has to happen before the complacent ocker dons his redbacks to kick but in Canberra. As long as it only happens on telly, it’s sure worth a rant; but it ain’t a real worry.

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