Bulgaria: Muslims Demand a Second Mosque

And to get it the Muslims promise to turn the volume down on the first mosque, the one that annoys everyone:

Sofia Echo

The leadership of Sofia’s mosque have said that the temple mosque is now too small to hold the capital’s Muslim community during Friday prayers and that the authorities should authorise construction of a second mosque.

In order to avoid future tension with other residents, and to prevent rallies such as that staged by Ataka members on May 20, they have also vowed to “reconsider” their policy of allowing worshippers to pray outside, hoping to reduce obstruction to pedestrians during prayer time.

They have also promised to reduce the sound on loudspeakers to the “bare minimum” so that the noise does not disturb the surrounding area.

A Bulgarian police officer tries to react as supporters of “extreme nationalist” Ataka party attack Muslims during Friday prayer at the central mosque in Sofia, May 20.

“We were given assurances by the Sofia municipality that this Friday (May 27) we would be allowed to carry on with our prayer as we have done in the past,” said Hyussein Hafuzov, the Muslim general secretary in Bulgaria, cited by Dnevnik daily.

“Every Friday, we get between 1200 and 1500 worshipers, most of them young people, and they are often forced to go out into the courtyard or the pavement because there is insufficient room in the mosque to accommodate them all,” he added.

There were no reported disturbances during the May 27 prayer, although there had been fears that another rally might be staged in protest.

The Muslim leadership also appealed to other Muslims to be calm and not be provoked by the May 20 incident, saying that “there was no clash between Muslims and Ataka last week per se; some people simply defended themselves and the mosque”.

Sofia mayor Yordanka Fandukova has said that measures have been drawn and presented to the Muslim leadership, stipulating that amendments have to be made so that other people are not disturbed on prayer days and that “people should be aware of the laws”. She added that “Islam is a registered religion in the country and is protected by Bulgarian law”.

Tensions in the community resurfaced again last week when three Ataka supporters were arrested and one of the party’s MPs, Denitsa Gadzheva, was injured in the incident at the Banya Bashi mosque, which followed a protest by Ataka against the use of loudspeakers to broadcast the call to prayer on Friday May 20.

This was the latest in a series of protests which started some years ago against the loudspeakers, but Ataka has revived its campaign in the run-up to Bulgaria’s autumn 2011 municipal and presidential elections, in which Siderov has said he will stand as a presidential candidate.

Scuffles broke out after one of the Ataka protesters tried to steer a column towards Muslims taking part in Friday prayers.

Earlier on May 27, the Bulgarian Parliament had condemned the actions of Volen Siderov and members of his ultra-nationalist Ataka party outside the Sofia mosque.

MPs from all parties present in the parliamentary sitting, with the exception of Ataka MPs who abstained, voted in favour of the declaration condemning Ataka’s actions, calling it a “threat to national security”.

Siderov himself said that “an internal investigation” is currently underway to determine who torched carpets outside the mosque, as Ataka members “had nothing to do with this”.

“I never advocated physical violence or the destruction of property,” Siderov said, quoted by Dnevnik.

Bulgaria’s polit-props opt for dhimmitude:

“What is most outrageous is that the attack took place on Friday, which is holly for the Muslims, during their Friday prayer…The party’s behavior is completely untypical for the Bulgarian nation, for its religious andethnic tolerance…With its aggressive attempt agains the ethnic peace, jeopardizing Bulgaria’s national security, Ataka has become dangerous for the Bulgarian rule,” the declaration says.

Note how the patriots are being vilified:


5 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Muslims Demand a Second Mosque”

  1. This is an example of the usual Taqqiyah ( lying). Oh dear – we have too many people trying to get into our small mosque – we need a new one. Well, the simple soluton to that is deport the followers of the Death Cult back to Turkey or whatever similar shithole they crawled from. I pray the the Attack party wins big in the next elections… the current lot of corrupt and cowardly politicians in Bulgaria don’t deserve to even be looked at. Bravo, Attack party… Bravo… tell those murdering islams to go back to Turkey.

  2. Obviously the Bulgarians are racists, unlike the freedomloving Venetians. In the main Venetian thoroughfare, the Canalasso, Muslims may kneel down and pray any time of any day and in any number and all the Venetians will do is to cheer them on.

  3. Bulgarians reject Mohammedan theatrics:

    Notorious Bulgarian Ethnic Turk Stages Pre-Election Circus

    The sidewalk in front of the office of Bulgaria’s Central Election Committee, CEC, became Friday the witness of a real crowd of presidential hopefuls wishing to register.

    The show began with the almost simultaneous arrival of the delegations of the ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB, party, of the far-right, nationalist Ataka, of the independent candidate, Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria’s first EU Commissioner, formerly from the party National Movement for Stability and Prosperity, NMSP, of ex King and Prime Minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, all along with the notorious Yuzeirovi brothers, founders of the illegal Muslim OTOMAN party.

    The what was reported as “The Tower of Babylon,” was prompted by the fact CEC began registering Friday the presidential candidates.

    The most interesting show was staged by Yuzeir Yuzeirov, who arrived dressed in a jacket and only boxers underneath. He told the media the attire was a sign of protest against the authorities refusing the register his Muslim party. Yuzeir is the Head of the Initiative Committee for the nomination of his brother Ali to run for president.

    After he was not allowed to enter the building, Yuzeir put on a pair of pants, handed to him by Ali. Ali said he was submitting a list with 21 signatures for registration, knowing full-well CEC will reject them.

    GERB, led by Deputy PM, Interior Minister, and Head of the party’s Campaign Headquarters, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, were once again the very first to arrive with Tsvetanov praising members of the youth organization of GERB for the initiative to guard the building’s entrance and to not allow anyone to register before the ruling party.

    Tsvetanov declined revealing the party’s nomination for president and commenting on any hypothesis such as the name of GERB’s top rated minister – the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Rosen Plevneliev. The Deputy PM pointed out the main rival and adversary of his party in the upcoming October 23 elections will be the opposition, left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, and everyone who would support the Socialists’ candidate.

    Tsvetanov further informed he was planning to go on paid or unpaid leave as Interior Minister when Election Day approaches and bashed Yuzeirov for the staged show, saying this was total disrespect for the institutions.

    Kuneva’s initiative Committee, represented by people such as former Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister from the NMSP quota, Daniel Valchev, and former star volleyball player, Plamen Konstantinov, arrived at 9:20 am, but Kuneva was not present.

    The Initiative Committees of different political forces with presidential nominations are in a hurry to register with CEC since only then they can begin collecting signatures for the registrations of the candidates and campaign funds.

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