Honor Killing in Switzerland

No choice for Gjyle

Gjyle (24) is dead. Shot by her father because she  wanted to the freedom to chose her future husband by herself. She was an excellent student and wanted to be a teacher.

Her  father, a  good Muslim  from Macedonia, disagreed and shot her dead. Honor restored. (Original article in German from Jihad Watch Deutschland)

Update: PI reports her mother also died in the shooting…..

6 thoughts on “Honor Killing in Switzerland”

  1. What a beautiful girl..with a total moron for a father. One wonders how brainwashed these people really are; preferring their beautiful daughter dead rather than making her own choices.

  2. Come on you miserable muslem scum – you keep telling us how great you are!!! Get any comment on the murder of another innocent woman by you islamic cretims. As Theresa J writes, you are brainwashed. Let me just add … you are scum,!!

  3. Dumb question from the lame stream media:

    Family Drama: Was it an honor killing?

    Updated 30/05/2011

    The fatal shooting in Einsiedeln was an argument between father and daughter preceded it. According to a media report was the 24-year-old Macedonian lead an independent life.

    Can’t have that, what’s the world coming to?

  4. Still waiting for a comment from the gutless, brainless, and cowardly islamic horde that try to understand these pages.

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