British Taxpayers Financing Multiculti Propaganda in the USA

Muzz-prop at taxpayers expense? But of course! Its all about “shared values”, don’tcha know: This event was part of the British Council’s Our Shared Future project to debunk misconceptions about Islam in the United States.

Our Shared Future: Deconstructing the Clash of Civilizations from British Council on Vimeo.

Islam is not Islam and sharia not sharia:

A woman in a hijab expounded on the benefits of Sharia in the basement of a Capitol office building on Monday, and somehow society has yet to collapse.

“What we’re being told about Islamic law and what’s called Sharia… is in fact something else,” (source)

Soccer Jihad:

Hijab Ban Dashes Iran Women’s Olympics Dreams – ‘Headscarf is an obligatory code of dress in Islam’

The rules for the Olympics are that no religious or political items can be displayed.

That’s why Iran is pushing real hard:

Iranian officials said that the FIFA ruling has thrown a killer stone for women sports in the Islamic Republic. “Headscarves are simply what we wear in Iran,” said Mozafar.

The killer stone??  Is he talking about stoning women??  Read more »

ROP offerings:

Rape is un-Islamic, right?

The children, the children:

Another day, another nose:

Sharia in American Courts (Center for Security Policy)

An important site that tracks case studies of judicial decisions that have been influenced by Islamic law, both in the U.S. and abroad.

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  1. US Mosques — Terror Mills

    81% of 100 US mosques surveyed feature Islamic literature that advocates violence. 85% of the imams running the mosques actively recommend violent jihad. Oh, and that does not include the Manual of Islamic Terror aka the Koran! Muslim places of worship are creating a radicalised crop of homegrown Muslim terrorists in the US!

    ALL these mosques should simply be shut down. No new mosques should be built. The fact is that VIOLENT JIHAD is a REQUIREMENT of Muslims. These are mosques in YOUR neighbourhood by the way.. and the overwhelming majority of Muslims who attend these mosques adhere, at least in their worship rituals, to Shariah law. The survey found, for example, that most American Muslim women are forced to pray separately from men and cover themselves with scarves and veils. Will SOMEONE tell the White House please!!

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