Huge bill for Villawood Detention Centre riot fire

EXCLUSIVE by Simon Benson From: The Daily Telegraph

“This is a further example of the consequences of Labor’s mismanagement of Australia’s borders,” opposition spokesman on the scrutiny of government Jamie Briggs said.

“A $283,000 bill for the riots at Villawood caused by the Labor government’s policies is a further blow to families struggling to pay for cost of living increases.

“This adds to the $3 billion blowout in the cost of the detention network thanks to Chris Bowen and the Labor Party.” Nine buildings were either damaged or destroyed. (source)

2 thoughts on “Huge bill for Villawood Detention Centre riot fire”

  1. This is what they do everywhere. Had they been refugees, for real, they would not behave like “asylum seekers”.

  2. Another one up on the roof in Darwin – I just caught a glimpse of a sign prohibiting sketching, drawing or photographing the place. Burning it down is apparently OK, for those on the inside.

    Enough of this insanity, Julia.

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