Obama Appoints Muslim Propagandist Azizah al-Hibri to Promote "Religious Freedom"

Religious freedom for Muslims of course. Not for infidel sons of apes and swine…..

Appointing a Muslim scholar to a commission on international religious freedom is only justifiable if that scholar recognized that much of the injustice in the world originates from Islamic law. But Al-Hibri has made her career whitewashing Islamic law and even presenting it as superior to American law. (Frontpage mag)

Sultan Knish

Obama Appoints (yet another) Muslim Propagandist  to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

Meet Obama’s new appointee to promote religious freedom Islam & Sharia around the world.

Obama has announced the appointment of Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Al-Hibri (full name, Azizah Yahia Muhammad Toufiq al-Hibri) is a Muslim professor and the granddaughter of a Sheikh, who claims that the Koran inspired Thomas Jefferson and the Founders and that the Saudi criminal justice system is more moral than the American one because it accepts blood money from murderers.

How’s that for a start. But wait there’s more.

In the early days of 2001, Al-Hibri traveled to the Afghan border and criticized the Western press for “sensationalizing” Taliban atrocities and using them “as an opportunity to attack Islam”. After the attacks of September 11, she cautioned against bombing Al-Qaeda and Taliban targets during Ramadan. And that same year she defended Wahhabism as part of Islam’s “religious diversity” and its “marketplace of ideas”.

And still more…

Yet the oddest moment in Al-Hibri’s career of promoting Islamic law in the United States may have come when before Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, she actually wrote an article discussing how a sitting President of the United States might be tried under Islamic law.

Read it all in my article The Professor Who Sharia’ed Bill Clinton exclusively at Front Page Magazine.


Weiner finally resigned. The biggest losers are in the media who now have to find a replacement for Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Anthony Weiner. But they’ll be sure to find one. And then we’ll get another two weeks of the same insanity at the same insane tabloid pitch. On and on. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.

Arnold Ahlert asks why his wife Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t being investigated in a woman who stands near the center of our foreign policy. But we all know what’s important. Sending images of yourself over Twitter is much worse than being tied in with an organization dedicated to overthrowing the United States.

The New York Post Outdoes Itself

I liked  “Weiner Suffers Premature Evacuation” best….

The New York Post is famous for its page one headlines, such as the classic “Headless Body in Topless Bar” and the understated “UN Meets” (with a photo of weasels sitting in the French and German chairs of the UN Security Council before the Iraq war). But the Anthony Weiner scandal has been an unprecedented headline bonanza for the New York tabloid.

Just ask a Europe obsessed with Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga, while men like Tony Blair (who reads the Koran daily) aren’t being held accountable for importing large numbers of Muslims into the UK. Which is more of a scandal? The Bunga-Bunga or the Jihad-Jihad?

Which should be more of a national scandal?

Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed.


A teenage belly dancer at the heart of the sex scandal involving sleazy prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has revealed how guests were naked at his infamous bunga bunga parties.

Guess which story has actually been dominating the headlines since time immemorial? Not the one that’s destroying nations.

I would love to live in a country where Weiner’s attempt to ban personal information about judges from being placed on the internet was a bigger scandal than taking shirtless photos in the gym. Sadly we don’t live in that country.

The country we live in shooting a former marine in his own home and then waiting until he dies hardly makes headlines. It’s not like Twitter or Facebook was involved, or anything salacious, which means it’s not a news story. If only there were naked photos of someone involved in the shooting, then maybe it could get two weeks of coverage too.

A 59 year old pharmacist and disabled Air Force vet in OK city sentenced to life in prison for defending himself and his employees against an armed gunman. That’s not a story. There are no shirtless pictures. I would love to be part of a blogsphere where this story got as much attention on some of the conservative blogs that devotedly ran every Weiner development. Still we all know it’s not as important.

But good news. Weiner is out. We won. And by we, I mean the Obama Administration which now has its Urban Affairs Director Adolfo Carrion in place to step into Weiner’s front runner spot in the mayor’s race. The Obamas once again beat the Clintons. And managed to overshadow Palin and the GOP debate. And we helped them do it.

Mission accomplished.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Weiner

By Eileen F. Toplansky

Far more disturbing than the salacious details of Weiner’s dalliances is the fact that apparently his mother-in-law is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Furthermore, Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan, “is listed as a fellow and partner with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members.”  Hassan works at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) at Oxford University.  The Egyptian Al-Azhar University, well-known for a curriculum that encourages extremism and terrorism, is active in establishing links with OCIS.

How is it that the Western media, with its hourly analyses of Weiner, missed this salient point, yet Arab news sources revealed this connection?  Walid Shoebat, formerly with the PLO, explains that Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, a professor in Saudi Arabia “belongs to the Sunni movement’s women’s division known as the Muslim Sisterhood.”  During the recent uprising in Egypt, which resulted in Mubarak’s removal, “a special women’s unit within the Muslim Brotherhood served as ‘mules’ to deliver messages and acted as messengers for the terrorist group.”

The Muslim Sisterhood is also known as the International Women’s Organization (IWO) and members are located “across 16 different countries.”  Its goal is to “work at all levels in accordance with the message of the Brotherhood.”  The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is Islamic world domination and “[i]t is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organization in the United States is actually controlled by the [Muslim Brotherhood] or a derivative organization.  Consequently, most of the Muslim-American groups of any prominence in America are now known to be, as a matter of fact, hostile to the United States and its Constitution.”

This chart on page four of the Domestic Intelligence Briefing by Mark Hass shows the FBI – Identified Terror Networks connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in North America.

Which should now raise even greater concerns since Huma Abedin-Weiner is the deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State.  Did any vetting occur by Clinton’s people concerning Huma Abedin, her brother Hassan, or her mother Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, and any connections with known Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood?

But then again, would it have troubled Mrs. Clinton?  After all, during her husband’s time as President, she warmly embraced Suha Arafat the wife of Yasser Arafat, arch-terrorist, right after a speech during which Suha Arafat falsely accused Israel of poisoning the Palestinian water supply.

Huma’s brother has “worked with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal on a program of “spreading Islam to the west.”  More intriguing is the fact that the Abedin family left Michigan for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, around 1977, which is the same year that the Muslim Sisterhood was formed.

Couple this with the Clinton family playing a key role in promoting Fethullah Gulen who has worked assiduously to overthrow Turkey’s secular government.  Gulen, who currently resides in Pennsylvania, has told his followers that in order for “worldwide Islamic domination to succeed, every method and path is acceptable, including lying to people.”

In March of this year, the FBI was investigating the more than 120 charter schools in the United States that are linked to Gulen’s movement.  These schools, funded with millions of taxpayer dollars, promote Gulen’s worldview that is both anti-Israel and anti-America.  In fact, in 2010 it was reported that Bill Gates had given almost 11 million dollars to the Cosmos Foundation, which is a Gulen enterprise.

Moreover, one needs to question why Huma Abedin, a member of a family of devout Muslims, would ever marry a Jewish Congressman — in a ceremony officiated by Bill Clinton.  Sharia law clearly forbids Muslims from marrying non-believers, so what does this portend?

Furthermore, when Huma Abedin accompanied Hillary Clinton to the Dar El-Hekma women’s college in Saudi Arabia, where Huma’s mother is co-founder and vice dean, it was reported that “Hillary explained that Huma holds an important and sensitive position in her office.”  Where was the scrutiny?

Why are so many at the highest levels of American government ignoring the methodology of Islamists like Gulen, who has declared that the best way to seize power is to lie in wait “with the patience of a spider” in order to “wait for people to get caught in the web”?  Is Clinton so naïve?

Thus, Huma Abedin’s position with Clinton in the State Department, as well as her marriage to Representative Weiner, has given her enormous exposure “to state secrets and access to the inner workings of Congress.”

This would be unsettling enough if it were not also for Obama’s latest appointee.  The 44th president has just appointed Azizah al-Hibri to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Al-Hibri believes that sharia law is superior to American law.  Yet, al-Hibri is only one of the pro-sharia adherents that Obama has placed in influential positions since he became president.  Dalia Mogahed was one of the earliest appointees and as Nonie Darwish has written, “[t]he empowerment of Radical Islam under the Obama administration” is extremely disturbing.

Last year, Obama appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security.  Obama’s record concerning Islamic terror was alarming from the beginning of his term and it has only become more entrenched.  Congressman Keith Ellison aka Keith Hakim, who converted to Islam, is already in place in Congress.  His connections to CAIR are troubling.

Is the Weiner scandal really covering up a far more disturbing scenario whereby jihadists continue to infiltrate and influence American universities, military installations, homeland security, even local police forces, all while the press ignores the steady encroachment of these radicals who seek to overturn and destroy America?

The disgraceful indifference by the general press to Weiner’s in-laws and their connections to the Muslim Brotherhood keeps eroding America’s ability to rout those who wish to see her destroyed.

Fethullah Gulen has exhorted his followers to “move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing [their] existence until [they] reach all the power centers…until the conditions are ripe…”  Can America continue to close its eyes to this deliberate hibernation strategy of our enemies?

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com.

One more thing:

“Last year, Obama appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security.”

Obama didn’t want to be outdone by the U.S. Army, but he is still playing ‘catch up’. “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity [number of Muslims] becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” (General George Casey – the Army’s top officer) Let’s face reality, out government and our military, especially our own Army, is being run by people who’s loyalties are not to the American nation, nor to Western Civilization.http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/…

Libya: Kinetic Action Fizzler

The UN-backed war that KRudd lobbied so hard for has turned into a shambles – and a grab for cash:

Rebels waging a drawn-out war to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi have run out of money, their oil chief said on Saturday, and he accused the West of failing to keep its promises of urgent financial aid.   (Andrew Bolt:  Give us the cash, or we won’t shoot)



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  1. Would you believe, you can go back 1500 years and look at the islamic model, where there is no compulsion in religion – just like the US Constitution …

    Fraud has its reward – a nice little earner for Azizah?


  2. There is always more when it comes to destroying a society from within:


    Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, Esq.

    KARAMAH is founded on the fundamental principle that education, dialogue, and diligent action are the best tools to eradicate the dangerous and destructive effects of ignorance, silence and prejudice.

    * [ignorance, silence and prejudice] on the part of [non-muslims], who must be [educated…] to accept allah and its false prophet and all that goes with it?

  3. Anti-sharia legislation in US states is dismissed as a solution in search of a problem, but yet …


    [WASHINGTON, DC – On June 7, 2011, President Barack Obama appointed Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, Founder and Chair of Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).]

    [For the past twenty years, Dr. al-Hibri has written extensively on issues of Muslim women’s rights, Islam and democracy, and humans rights in Islam, and is widely published in law journals and other legal publications. Dr. al-Hibri has lectured extensively within the United States, Europe, and the Muslim world at universities, religious and interfaith institutions, community centers, governmental agencies, think tanks, and various public forums. Currently, Dr. al-Hibri is completing a book on the Islamic marriage contract in U.S. courts.]

  4. Typical.

    A Wahabite agit prop. “2 pillars?”

    More like a pillar for every sura in the Koran.

    The full monty. Why is this nasty old hack not under a burqa?

  5. Time to remove the traitors from government. Don’t forget that when you vote and educate your friends & family.

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