6 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Islamic Cultural Terrorism”

  1. Pat is great … a brave hero (although his is also Christian bashing)

    Islamophobia = is a non-Muslim who knows toooooooooo much about Islam

  2. Love Pats dry humour… he says everything I think but so much better than I could ever say..

  3. Thanks to Cecilie, who put this up on her blog:

    Today I had a long-winded argument on Facebook about exactly this. The usual arguments, those clutching-at-straws staples of people who still prefer to hide their heads in the sand and pretend that just because the islamic world has openly declared war on western civilisation it doesn’t really mean it , ensued.

    “You can’t blame all Muslims …” “It’s just a tiny minority …” “…a lunatic fringe …” “… we must engage moderate Muslims in conversation ..,” ” … you’re just as fundamentalist as them, calling for war when what we really need is more dialogue …”

    When I sent that particular person a link about how Tower Hamlets in London has turned into Rosengard in Malmo, Sweden as a no-go area for non-muslims including police, where women have been threatened with death for not wearing a full burqa, he said: “Well, of course that kind of thing makes me angry too, but you can’t blame all muslims for …” etc.

    For the record, I have never “called for war” by the way. What I’m trying to do is get people to understand that it is the muslim world which has declared war on us. And it is our actions now that can prevent a war of civilisation versus medieval ideology, in our lifetime.

    It doesn’t matter how many percent of muslims living in the Middle East or Europe, or the States, think we should all be living under sharia law, or that women should be stoned to death for adultery, or homosexuals hanged from cranes. Those who do think so (in a recent poll in Egypt, 84% of those interviewed thought that all Jews should be killed) are the bullies whom the more ‘moderate’ will inevitably follow when push comes to shove. What, you think just because they have enjoyed a western lifestyle for a few years, that they will suddenly go against their own religion/ideology, the most important thing in their lives, just to support some kaffirs? The only way they can do that is by renouncing islam, and they know very well that the punishment for that is death. Who do you think they will support?

    You can’t be for freedom, democracy, free speech, equality, women’s rights and gay rights and still support islam. You have to choose. Because islam, whether it’s hiding behind the cloak of “moderate”, wearing a suit and preaching peace or calling for all infidels to be killed, is still what it is: Islam. And it has one mission and only one: To make the whole world islamic.

    Your choice.

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