Since when did the US require “Free Speech Zones” to carry out a First Amendment right?

Kaffir Canuck: As far as I know, all of the US was a Free Speech Zone. What happened to us?

Rabbi Nachum Shifren’s 2010 California State Senate District 26 Candidate picture

Terry Jones and the Surfin’ Rabbi Shifren

First, here’s the speech of the most curageous rabbi in America today:

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Here’s Terry Jones:

“We must obey the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Since his Quran burning stunt, which brought out into the open all the dhimmis who fear offending Muslims and would prevent such free acts of expression just to appease them, was sidelined by ridiculous concerns the act would put ISAF forces in peril overseas. It also brought out other patriots, such as Ann Barnhardt, to simply read out the offensive bacon-bookmarked-passages before burning it as well. It is well known that the religion-of-perpetual-rage-and-anger-over-the-cause-célèbre-of-the moment is more likely to continue its Jihad regardless of who threatens or actually does burn a Quran.

“We will not allow Sharia Law to be instituted in any form,” Jones added. “We will soon be instituting a stop Obama campaign. He is the worst president in the history of the United States of America. Islam has never been a part of the American story. Thomas Jefferson said there are two enemies of the people: criminals and government. He is one of the smartest people in our American story. Islam will go on. We demand they confront these nations. Force these nations to adapt human rights, civil rights, freedom of speech. I will be back so please don’t go away.”

At one point, Pastor Jones walked toward the barricades as he was delivering the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, counter protestors threw items such as shoes and water bottles at his supporters. They also held up copies of the Quran as Jones as speaking. The Dearborn Police SWAT team was called in. They were wearing riot gear with shields. A few arrests were made, however it is unclear if they will face any charges.

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  1. Hey Sheik! Thanks for the link. Remind me I gotta add you to my blogroll.

    And Mullah, we’re in an ongoing fight with the HRCs. Right now, we’ll have to see how Bill C51 buried in an omnibus bill which will pass through parliament before the spring session ends will affect our rights on the internet. Yep, it’s getting that scary.

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