9 thoughts on “The Hysterical Burqa Bimbo, Part 13@#$987”

  1. I wonder if she has made other “deliberately false” statements concerning her marital status, or the seven children her “partner” says she is a mother to. Not asserting anything, just looking for an explanation for the disappearing articles.

    “Ms Matthews” – not Mrs, as a mother of 7 children? Any more wives around the place?

  2. Ban the body sack…it should be illegal to hide ones face,,,,send Carnita to Saudi Arabia, she wouldn’t be allowed to even drive there , in the muslims most holy city, mecca, women drivers are arrested,….

  3. Is she trying to fake a “Muslim accent”? Haha God I love it when they do that, shows what brainwashed idiots they are. I’ve seen that from Muslim converts, trying to pretend to have a different accent. Psycho!

  4. It only gets better, or worse – the JP who witnessed the signature on the Stat Dec just assumed it was Carnita Matthews … for some reason, the name Awad Chennaoui (the JP) rings a bell.


    [Mr Chennaoui witnessed the signature on the statutory declaration which was at the centre of 47-year-old mother-of-seven Ms Matthews’ prosecution – and successful appeal – for falsely claiming that highway patrol officer Senior Constable Paul Fogarty had tried to lift her veil, which is similar to a burqa.]

    * Are there any “avenues” for common sense & justice in NSW, or is it doomed to follow dying Britain into oblivion at the hands of “allah”?

  5. (Absent a copy of the Crimes Act 1900 NSW )


    Perverting the course of justice

    [Statutory versions of the offence exist in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. See, for example, Section 319 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW),[1] where the maximum penalty is 14 years’ imprisonment.]

    Sure looks like a conspiracy to me, even if the JP wasn’t an active conspirator.

  6. Murkier and murkier – “Ms” Matthews denies knowing her “husband” Ibrahim Galiel, & claims via her lawyer that Daily Telegraph threatened the pair who don’t know each other with “extortion” ….


    Carnita Matthews’ mystery husband revealed

    [But yesterday at 6.30am Ms Matthews’ lawyer Stephen Hopper contacted the paper to say he had been instructed that his client did not know who Ibrahim Galiel was and the man at her house had conducted no interviews but told the media to “go away”.

    Mr Hopper was also instructed that the Daily Telegraph had threatened the pair with “extortion” by threatening to publish a photograph of Ms Matthews without her niqab unless she consented to an interview. The Daily Telegraph denies this.]

    * No wonder the Ibrahim Galiel articles were vanishing down the Memory Hole.

  7. Burqa or Balaclava??

    If in doubt you Muslims pull the Race Card, or better still just go to Iran where Allah the Moon-god pretends to love you!!

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