What happened to freedom of expression?

Ramming Islam down your throat in Tulsa:

Police Captain Suspended for Not Forcing Officers to Attend Muslim Propaganda Farce at Mosque

The Islamization of America is far behind the ongoing Muslim conquest of Europe, which is all the more reason for our dhimmi quisling rulers to brook no resistance. This is why Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields was suspended without pay for two weeks for not forcing officers to attend a mosque: (Moonbattery)

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“Judge Allows Christian Leaflets at Arab Festival”

So now its in the hands of judges to uphold the first amendment?  Its a disgrace that this case even went to court:

A federal judge has signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to distribute leaflets at a popular Arab-American Festival in Dearborn, Mich.

The city has been trying to keep Christians from passing out their materials on the sidewalks at the Dearborn Arab International Festival.  However, on Tuesday, Judge Paul Borman upheld a ruling by an appellate court that found such restrictions a violation of free-speech rights.

Last year, in a separate case, four Christian evangelists were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the Muslim event. They were acquitted and are now suing the city.

This year’s three-day festival is scheduled to begin on Friday.


Florida pastor Terry Jones returning to Michigan to protest Islam

Terry Jones, the Quran-burning pastor from Florida, is to lead a three-hour rally against Islam today at Dearborn City Hall followed by a 2-mile walk to the Arab International Festival, where he will further speak out. The three-day festival is the largest outdoor gathering of Arab Americans in the U.S. and is held in Dearborn, known for its sizable Muslim population.

One thought on “What happened to freedom of expression?”

  1. I applaud Captain Fields for his courage; we must pray that he is a bellwether, and that many more senior police and military officers will rise up to stand beside him. No country can survive so long as it harbors an ever-growing subset which is intent upon overthrowing it. Moslems come not to blend in, but rather to colonize; mein koranf explicitly orders them to do so, and the penalty for apostasy is death. Europe is gone – its constituent countries will be islamic republics within forty years. Is this really what we want for our children here in North, Central and South America and in other regions of the world where the cancer of the religion of peace has not as yet become terminal?
    The multicultural dream has died – sad perhaps, but inescapably true, and the cause of its death has been islam. It is long past time that we began the unpleasant task of repatriating all the moslems whom we have so naïvely and foolishly permitted to infest our free and tolerant countries to their respective sheikdoms.

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