China: Husband Beheads Wife Because She Lived "Against Islamic Law"

Remember the Uighurs, those Chinese tourists that were totally innocent waltzing around around Afghanistan until they were picked up and shipped to Gitmo, were they got room service, crispy fresh Korans that no  filthy kafir-warden was allowed to touch and halal burgers followed by ice cream until it came out of their ears?

Salahidin Abdalahut and Kheleel Mamut were two of four Uyghurs released from Gitmo.

None of them was ever a terrorist. That’s if you are willing to believe CNN homo Don Lemon.

Some of these nice Muslims were distributed to Bermuda, Albania, to Germany, Switzerland and to Palau, were they  can work as golf caddies (if they’re not on a pension  already) Don’t you ever wonder why we didn’t ship them back to China?

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the last we heard of them. Meanwhile, good Muslims around the world do what they always do: blow shit up, murder infidels and in some cases, their wifes:

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