French Woman Killed for Refusing Ramadan Sex…

French Woman  in Malaysia Killed for Refusing Sex…

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A Malaysian man was charged Tuesday with the murder of a French tourist, a government prosecutor said, as a report quoted police saying the woman was killed after refusing his sexual advances.

Stephanie Foray, a 30-year-old civil servant, went missing in Malaysia in May and her remains were found earlier this month buried in a cave on the resort island of Tioman, off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.


French Muslim Businessman Pays Burqa Fines:

In a civil protest against Muslim face veil ban in France and Belgium, a French businessman has set up a fund to pay fines for Muslim women who choose to don niqab in public.  “I am neutering the law”

French Businessman Pays Burqa Fines/ "I am neutering the law"

France should neuter him instead.  I would suggest to raise the fine from 150 Euros to 1.500. That would  stop t his BS. If it doesn’t, I would raise it to 15.000. I’d make sure he gets the message. (source)

She and the suspect Asni Omar, a 36-year-old local businessman, had been drinking together on the island and she was later killed after refusing to have sex with him, the New Straits Times quoted police sources as saying.

Asni was charged with murder in a court in the town of Pekan, prosecutor Amalina Zainal Mokhtar told AFP, adding that he faced death by hanging if convicted.

He has not yet entered a plea, she said.

Asni earlier took investigators to a trash dumping site on Tioman to retrieve the murder weapon, a bottle, the New Straits Times said.

Amalina said she had no details on the alleged crime, while police declined to confirm specifics to AFP.

Foray had arrived in Malaysia on May 5 and went missing shortly after taking a ferry five days later to Tioman island.

She had left France last November on a holiday that took her to India and Sri Lanka before arriving in Malaysia.

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  1. Ok muslim readers – I can dig up hundreds of stories of where a muslim male murders because a woman tells it to leave her alone and because it has been told that it is ok to murder a non-muslim woman.!!! I can cross-reference, corroborate, and yet you idiots keep on bleating that there is
    no problem in your community. CLEAR UP YOUR HOUSE BEFORE TELLING US WHAT TO DO!!!

  2. Like everything else, to include our Muslim president; all of these atrocities committed by followers of Islam is nothing but water under the bridge and regardless as to how muddy that water is, it will not be cleared up until Islam is beaten into the ground. Islam is a dead society that is next to those who live under ground and come out only to attack after sun down. Islam has got to go.

  3. you are so right Anglo. maybe if me can get rid of the one in the white house and get one in that has some common sense this country may just have a chance to survive.

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