Muslims are dirty animals who are thousand times worse than pigs!

“Insults are a legitimate part of the political discourse”– barrister David Bennett QC told the court.

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You came to the right blog, mate.  No PC here. We say one law for all. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Now, before you blow your top, here’s the real story:

Jewish soldier described as ‘dirty animal’

A Muslim man allegedly describes a Jewish soldier as a “dirty animal” who is “a thousand times worse” than a pig, in letters he sent to politicians and members of the Jewish community.

Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheik Haron, is also accused of sending offensive letters to the families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan, and to the family of a trade official who died in last year’s Jakarta bombing.

Monis is attempting to have quashed multiple indictments of using a postal or similar service to menace, harass or cause offence.

It follows an unsuccessful attempt in April to have his case dismissed in the NSW District Court.

In the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal on Tuesday, Commonwealth barrister John Agius SC said the letters were offensive and capable of causing harm to their recipients.

“In the one letter we have concerning a Jewish person, there are a number of attacks on that person, who I won’t name,” he said.

“This letter is a perfect example of the point I’m trying to make, it’s copied to the prime minister, the opposition leader, the defence minister and it’s said to be copied to the Jewish community, whoever that is.

“It goes well beyond simply an Australian soldier innocently killing innocent Afghanis.”

Mr Agius said the letter referred to a Jewish soldier who had killed a civilian, describing him as a “dirty animal”.

“Some Jews who blame Hitler for violations of human rights are not much better than him,” it continued.

Mr Agius went on to quote from the top of the next page of the letter, in a section he said was written about the son of an Australian citizen.

“When the body of a murderer of civilians is sent back to Australia, we must not respect the body, such a body does not deserve a respectful ceremony,” Mr Agius read to the court.

“A Jewish man who kills innocent Muslims, civilians is not a pig. He’s a thousand times worse. Some people don’t eat the meat of pig but they are dirtier than pig.

“What’s the point when some people don’t eat pork while their behaviour is worse than dirty animals?”

But Monis’ lawyer, Guy Reynolds SC, argued the alleged comments were made in a political context and were not necessarily offensive.

In written submissions, he argued that parts of the law under which his client had been charged were invalid.

Mr Monis’s co-accused, Amirah Droudis, faces charges of aiding and abetting the sending of the letters.

Mr Droudis’s barrister David Bennett QC told the court: “Insults are a legitimate part of the political discourse.”

Neither man appeared at Tuesday’s hearing.

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  1. … “dirty animal”

    3:110 “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind” (Muslims)

    vs. 8:55 “vilest of animals” (kuffar, unbelievers) 98:6

  2. The soldiers are below pigs for killing innocent civilians? So the Muzzie terrorists that kill innocent people EVERYDAY what are they? This so called religion is a joke and to use Hitler as a comparison above is pretty funny, since I see Islam as the new wave of Nazis.

  3. Muslims are the scum of the earth and are jealous of Jewish existence . They want everyone to be like them . Muslims are disgusting that Dont practice what they preach. They kill and Dont look after there own peoples

  4. Muslims are the trouble makers look round the middle east all the uprisings and was going on that’s not the same in Israel they are very stable apart from the idiots around them trying to attack all the time.

  5. Religous people of all types should just give it up .Try reading Dawkins or Hitchens instead of some bullshit stories about floods,walking on water or 27 virgins ( by the way what do female Martyrs arrive to in paradise ? 27 frothing at the mouth rapists?) .Pisses me off that all the science that explains the beauty and marvel of our universe can be fobbed off by “God made that ” .Pull heads out of arses and smell the roses .

  6. The Muslim is the incarnation of pure evil. He rejoices in the rape of children, in mass-murder, in lying and cheating, in the abuse of women and animals. He is dirty: dirt to him is holy. He rejects the modern world.

    He is of low intelligence. He is mentally and physically retarded.

    He needs to be SNIP

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