Islamic Diversity: Terror in Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia…


Jihadist gunmen dressed as women kill seven 

They are commanded to kill and die to make allah’s ‘religion’ dominant. But they don’t like to die in spite of the fact that they keep bragging “kafir we love death and you love Pepsi Cola”- they prefer hit and run.

Fighting like men isn’t often jihadists’ strong suit, anyway. Hence the preference in conflicts the world over for asymmetrical warfare and the targeting of civilians. “Seven dead in Thai south attacks,” from Agence France-Presse, October 24 (thanks to JW):


Jihadists injure 14 with grenade thrown into bar

They were warned.

A jihadist walked into a bar, and… More on this story. Grenade attack on Nairobi bar injures 14,” from AFP, October 24 (thanks to JW):

Something seems to have gone amiss in that next-to-last paragraph below. What they probably meant is that these additional measures, which serve to “protect” Islam from having to stand on its own in the free market of ideas, aim to counter an imaginary “conspiracy” to weaken the faith of Muslims. It didn’t quite come out that way.

“Propagation Of Non-Islamic Teachings To Muslims Can Be Charged In Civil Court, Says Jamil Khir,” from Bernama, October 24

Islamo Paranoia:

Malaysian Islamic supremacist rally concludes; rally chairman says there’s a massive plot by Christians and Zionists to destroy Islam

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  1. I was in Malaysia recently, and their newspapers reported that some Malaysians were killed by bomb blasts in Thailand,…. by drug dealers…

    They won’t blame muslims for anything…

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