Muslims Take Their Religion Seriously

What do all religious minority groups in Islamic countries have in common? 

70 Roasted in Somalia

(Mogadishu, Somalia) – Over seventy people are blown to bits in a powerful truck bombing by Islamic fundamentalists. Many victims were students. (Source)

Righteous Sunni Muslims Export 14 Shiites to the Virgins

(Quetta, Pakistan) – Fourteen Shia pilgrims are pulled off of a bus by Sunni gunmen, lined up and mowed down. (Source)

He will be a good boy from now on:

 He didn’t say anything about rejecting non-violent attempts to impose Sharia and subjugate Infidels, and of course, the clueless authorities didn’t think to ask him.

Retribution Feared:
Geller’s Jihad:
Grenades Against Infidel Law in Holland
Denmark –