Obama & a whole bunch of Muselmaniacs celebrate the arrival of the Muslim superhero comics

Obama turned rocket-science into Islam promo

Financed by the taxpayers of the US of A. You couldn’t make it up.

Obama compares the greats of science and religious thought with a guy who makes comic books that glorifies Islam

Thanks to the always  vigilant Vlad Tepes we have yet another vid where the Obamessiah  fawns over Muslims and Islam.  Here he backbenches people who actually do important work to praise a Muslim brother from Kuwait,  a guy who produced preposterous, insulting  cartoon heroes to sell Islam to American kids. (Financed by the American taxpayer to the tune of 70 $ million dollars)

Lets ignore  that thing where  he says NASA’s Islamic outreach is the single most important thing to do, just look at the audience: all the usual suspects from the Muslim Brotherhood. And yes, there are still people in America who would argue  that the O’putz is some kind of ‘Christian’.

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After ‘overseas contigency operations, kinetic actions and man-made disasters’ the man-boy who gives Tingles hot flushes (when he smiles) gets tough on Islamic terror:

More jihadist comics

The theological braintrust of budding mujahideen-wannabe artists has done it yet again, creating more jihad-themed comics geared at recruiting youngsters to the cause. From a release by SITE Intelligence group:

Jihadists produced a comic strip called “Son of the Martyr,” and presented the first issue, showing three brothers using an explosives-laden toy car to blow up a tank of enemy soldiers. The comic was posted on the Shumukh al-Islam forum on September 30, 2011.The first issue focuses on three sons of a slain fighter, the youngest of which, Qassim, is approached by soldiers and given a toy Hummer in return for acting as a spy. His brothers Abdul Qadir and Saif decide to use the toy against the soldiers. As Qassim controls the explosives-laden toy towards the target, he says: “Now, I will avenge and retaliate for my religion, my honor, and my land.”

In a message introducing the comic strip, the jihadist indicated that he and the others who worked on it are seeking a media group to publish the series.


SITE provides a translation of the message board post:

Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2011/10/more_jihadi_comics.php#ixzz1ZzMhkvn9