The Multicultural Cuckoos Nest

Clueless & stoopid in Oklahoma

Multiculti is the way of the Cuckoo. If you don’t know how a cuckoo operates, check it out, here:

Multiculturalism continues to grow in Central Oklahoma

William F. O’Brien Special to The Sun

OKLA. CITY — Several weeks ago, a panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals in Denver asked an attorney representing the state of Oklahoma questions regarding the legality of the constitutional measure approved by the voters of Oklahoma that prohibits the state courts from considering Sharia law when making judicial decisions. That enactment received overwhelming support from a majority of the Oklahoma electorate and was described by those who proposed it as a “pre-emptive strike” against efforts to introduce Muslim law in Oklahoma despite the fact that there has been no record of any such efforts by any parties.

Similar measures have been proposed in other states and those who have sponsored them often have said, without much evidence, that their enactment would serve to protect Muslim women who have emigrated to the U.S.

But historian Phillip Mansel has written in “Levant, Splendor and Catastrophe on the Mediterranean” of a time when both Christian and Jewish women in the Turkish empire voluntarily submitted to Muslim courts because of the greater inheritance rights women had under Sharia law then they did under Christian or Jewish law at that time.(Dubious and fanciful at best. We have heard of Christian men who  divorced their wives and became muslims to screw them out of their share, but not the other way around.  ) He also documents how Christians and Jews who lived in the lands ruled by the Turkish sultan often voluntarily submitted to Muslim courts to resolve legal disputes.

(Equally fanciful: Christians and Jews  needed Muslim representation in court because their witness was not accepted.)

“Islamic Golden Age” Regurgitated:

Mansell describes how in the three great Mediterranean ports of Smyrna, Alexandria and Beirut, people of different faiths and creeds lived and work together in relative harmony until the Turkish Empire collapsed in the early decades of the last century. Those cities are now part of the nations of Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon, respectively.

Where is the multiculturalism of Smyrna, Alexandria and Beirut today? What happened to the  non-Muslims in places where Islam rules?

Beginning in the 17th century many merchants from Europe and other regions came to those cities to engage in trade, and by agreement of the Turkish authorities they were governed in most aspects of their lives by consular officials from their home countries. They also were permitted to practice their religion without interference from the Turkish government.

“Nothing to do with Islam”

Some of those merchants founded commercial firms that engaged in international trade, and many of those firms were in existence for several centuries. The historian makes clear that those ports were cosmopolitan places where a variety of languages and religious traditions flourished. But he also sets forth how the rise of Turkish and later Egyptian nationalism resulted in the forced departure of Greeks, Europeans and Jews from both Smyrna and Alexandria, and how those cities lost their multicultural character and much of their prosperity as a result. While Beirut maintained some of its cosmopolitan character despite a bloody civil war that began in the 1970s, Mansell fears that the rise of the militant Shiite party Hezbollah, which now controls parts of Beirut, and the continuing migration of Christians from Lebanon, may portend a similar fate for that city.

It will end with Islamic rule:

And in recent years Oklahoma City has become an increasingly cosmopolitan place, where immigrants from across the world have come for the economic opportunities that are found here. Future historians of Oklahoma will be able to chronicle how by the early years of the 21st century Oklahoma City and Edmond both had Muslim, Catholic and  Christian schools in operation, and that cricket matches played by Indians and Pakistanis were offered in those communities on a frequent basis.

Tacos, Enchilladas, Couscous & Diversity Vomit:

Spanish language media, including newspapers and a television station are now also in operation in the Oklahoma City area, and a Chinese language newspaper is currently being published in Edmond. And in time Oklahoma’s capital probably will enjoy the cultural and economic vitality that is the result of being a multicultural city.

WILLIAM F. O’BRIEN is an Oklahoma City attorney.

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  1. Quote:
    He also documents how Christians and Jews who lived in the lands ruled by the Turkish sultan often voluntarily submitted to Muslim courts to resolve legal disputes.

    Christians and Jews living in lands ruled by the Ottoman Turks “voluntarily” ‘submitted . . .
    They did not voluntarily submit to anyone after 1453.
    Christians have no Sharia, no Christian judges, no separate body of Christian jurisprudence.
    Therefore, they would not have been able to appeal to any court except a Sharia court.
    They did not voluntarily go to these courts.
    They did so because there were no other courts, no other laws in force.
    The bit about Christian men becoming Muslims and divorcing their wives in order to exercise more power over property and children is one I’ve never heard, but it makes perfect sense, particularly in the event that the husband harbors much spleen over the failed relationship.
    Islam is all about failure, spite, rage, and how to get the better of “the other”.
    There is no tolerance in Islam– it preaches none, it practices none, and it condemns everything that is not ISLAM!

    1. “Christian men becoming Muslims and divorcing their wives in order to exercise more power over property and children”-

      Well, there are many varieties to the theme. In Malaysia, for example, many of the rich Chinese businessmen have Malay mistresses and children out of wedlock. After they die, the Musel-mob declares that he had converted to Islam, and they bring any amount of witnesses to testify. Thus, the infidel heirs are screwed out of their inheritance.

      I am personally familiar with some of these cases.

      The other variety is that you must convert to Islam to get a job in government or to practice as a lawyer. One friend of ours who died about 5 years ago had converted for that reason, but he didn’t have any children and wanted to leave his estate to his sister’s family.

      They are still fighting over it, because only muslims can inherit the wealth of a muslim etc etc.

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