Wankfest For Imbeciles

Can you spell  ‘M-U-R-D-E-R?’

The loons at “loonwatch  have their knickers in a twist over the correct spelling of murder  (in Arabic ‘ faqtuhulu)  not so much with killing apostates:

‘Muhammad said, baddala deenahu faqtuhulu: If anyone changes his religion, kill him.’

The  loons also stole a copyrighted image of myself, which in their warped and twisted minds is somehow ….. “racist”.

These people are genius!

They also claim falsely that:

Sheik YerMami responded with a long, incoherent, and rambling reply to LoonWatch.  He exhibits what is called a flight of ideas.  Yet, even with all that ranting and raving, not a single word defends his claim–one which we challenged–of being a “scholar of Islam.”

That’s BS. sheik yer’mami  doesn’t  post on  loony websites.Period.

You know there is no humor in Islam, but in this case its all good. Go and take a look!

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  1. Yes typical typical loon watch style instead of debating the content just try and discredit the person/s.

    Character assassination, personal attacks and made up lies are all these followers of the ‘prophet pedophile’ are good at. Don’t worry ‘pedo watchers’ many of us know you modus operandi.

  2. On the right sidebar of their site an article claims that only 6% of terrorist attacks in the USA are down to the mosquerats. I really don’t know how they classify a terrorist attack but I think that the mosquerats make up between 1-2% of the population of the USA,so their own doctored dubious stats would indicate that followers of the R of P are between 3 and 6 times more likely to engage in terrorist activities than regular normal people.
    Reminds me of an article called ” debunking the islamization myth” I read over at Harry’s Place. Some left-wing cretin was trying to help us all sleep easy in our beds by using all sorts of stats to prove what nice peaceful folks muslims are. One gem was only 32% of muslims in the UK want to overthrow our legal and democratic system and replace it with sharia.
    And Sheik, I’m fully confident that you know far more about islam than over 99% of the blinkered idiots at loon watch.

  3. http://schnellmann.org/death_for_apostasy.html
    Page 202 AliSina.org “…I would have killed them according to the statement of Allâh’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islmaic religion, then kill him.'”308 ” Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57

    4:89 “…But if they turn renegades (“reject faith”), seize them and SLAY them wherever ye find them”

    4.88-9 (Hilali-Khan)…. Comment: Ali Sina This verse is a command to slay apostates. “emigrate in the way of Allah” (Arabic: “yuhajiroo fee sabili Allahi”, transliterated: “make Hijra in the way of Allah”) means; interpreting “hijra” in its spiritual sense, to “become Muslim” and thus people who “turn back” are turning back or away from Islam – i.e. becoming apostate….

  4. Just for the record:

    The loonwatch site is run by guy who calls himself ‘Danios’ who claims he challenged Spencer on multiple occasions to debate and Spencer plays chicken:

    Here is Spencer’s reply:

    Sorry, I don’t debate fictional characters or pseudonyms. “Danios of Loonwatch” can go debate Scot Harvath or Harold Robbins. I use my real name, have received numerous death threats, and cannot appear in public without guards, because so many coreligionists of “Danios of Loonwatch” misunderstand the teachings of his peaceful religion. What is “Danios of Loonwatch” afraid of? He knows that Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore can appear in public with no concern whatsoever, so why does he cower in the shadows?

    In any case, “Danios of Loonwatch” has already discredited himself with his windy tu-quoque arguments about Christian doctrines that never existed and that no one has ever heard of, his defamation and outright lies about my owning domain names I never knew existed until he made the charge, and his refusal to acknowledge or correct false information he has posted. Debating such a compromised and dishonest individual would be a waste of time, but nonetheless, since Rehab invokes him and others have referred to his site recently, I am willing: if “Danios of Loonwatch” reveals his real name, finds a university willing to host the debate and contracts an impartial moderator, I’m ready when he is. But I won’t be holding my breath.

    OK, so you heard it – Robert Spencer agrees to debate Danios, but it has to be in person. Considering all the tough talk from Danios, this seems like a reasonable request.

    Here is Danios’ reply:

    The latest set of excuses was that I must reveal who I am before a debate can take place. Spencer issued this pre-condition knowing full well that I value my anonymity too much to do that. He naturally thought that this was a creative way to get out of a debate with me while at the same time saving face. http://spencerwatch.com/2010/11/01/jihadwatch-afraid-to-debate-loonwatch/

    Did you see that? He chickened out.

    He can draw Hitler mustaches, and talk smack all he wants from the safety of a computer keyboard, even issuing challenges, but when the challenge is accepted he doesn’t give satisfaction.

    You got punked, Danios.

    At least twice:

    Danios claimed that he knew of at least one example of an Islamic authority that refuted the dhimma in its entirety and advocated that Muslims and non-Muslims live as equals into perpetuity.

    This is of course absurd and not worthy of debate, but a poster here on JW went through it and plucked that goose.

  5. uh no danios accepted the challenge but spencer kept adding conditions such as to reveal his identidy funny considering that he said he would debate anybody why would a person with a who doesnt use his real name be any consequence and also many contributers of jw usually use screen names in there contributions to that site and also its jw that got schooled on that subject again http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/06/more-proof-that-robert-spencer-is-an-intellectual-huckster-part-2-spencer-digs-himself-into-a-deeper-sh-hole/

  6. Jack Cope is busy posting on looney watch …. and posting threats to boot.

    Any time you want to play Jack I am ready , any time ….you silly muslim twat. Btw, Jack you were told what would happen to you when the conflict starts – that is not a threat – it is a statement of fact. However you and your islamic thugs still have a chance to avoid the coming conflict and your end – lets see if you take it up. Btw – thanks but the interested folks don’t need your address – we will find you if we have to.

    Folks, take a read of the looney watch (amusing name when in reality the loonies are the muslims.)

    Hej looney watch – more than 95% of terrorists are muslims! Get the official police stats, you silly clowns.

    the looney watch site is a poor parody of your site. As expected, when a low IQ moron like jack copes is a principal “contributor”. The intellectual content in minimal, and it serves mostly as a ground for the brain dead ummah and supporters to feel good about themselves. There is very little intelligent debate, and I suspect that the looney watch crew are mostly school kids – a logical conclusion from the low quality of discussion. Sheik, I would not even bother replying to looney watch – they are the loons and they ain’t worth much. However, it is worthwhile monitoring the site and keeping law enforcement abreast on developments.

  7. corey,
    stop wasting time – jw did not get schooled on the subject – it appears they know the topic better than you. It might also help if you learn to understand what an argument is constructed of – because you looney folks are simply providing very mediocre levels of logic.

  8. More mental flatliners from the loons @ Loonwatch:

    In typical Mohammedan fashion, they don’t have a problem with beating women, they have a problem when you expose it and voice your revulsion:

    Today Spencer posted a vid where Hollyweird has-been Omar Sharif slaps a woman who wanted to take a photo with him.

    Just goes to show that he is a very ugly Arab, hardcore.

    Exposing it makes us ‘racist’? These people a nucking futz!

    Omar Sharif slaps woman at film fest

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