Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama is a Third World, Pro-Muslim, Anti-American Radical


Most of us knew in advance that Obama would favor the Muslim world over America. How someone like that could be elected only a few years after 9/11 is a miracle of evil that only a priest or a psychopathologist could explain. Depending on their level of awareness, voting for him may be the most shameful act ever committed by those who put him in a position to destroy our country.

Obama is a fanatical, mendacious sociopath with no conscience and the candidate for worst  president ever

Granny Jan works her video magic on an interview with David Goldman (a.k.a. Spengler), author of How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too), on the Jamie Glazov show:

Our Personality-Disordered President

Better late than never; Barack Hussein Obama is finally getting vetted. What we’ve been learning has not been reassuring. FrontPage Mag quotes an excerpt from   The Obamas   by Jodi Kantor:

“Barack Obama took satisfaction in a simple, glorious new truth: he was the president of the United States. One day he walked out of a meeting in his chief of staff’s office and began to flip through a stack of magazines on the desk of a young assistant to [Rahm] Emanuel. ‘Whose are these?’ he asked the assistant. Well, they just got sent here, addressed to the chief of staff, she replied. Then she paused and rethought her answer. ‘But everything in the White House is yours … so technically they’re yours,’ she said. The president shot her a satisfied look. The following day, he passed her desk and the magazines again. ‘Whose magazines are these?’ he asked. She had the answer ready this time. ‘They’re yourmagazines, Mr. President,’ she said. Obama grinned and continued on his way.”

Turning the country over to an obviously unqualified left-wing punk with a narcissistic personality disorder so that liberals could congratulate themselves on voting for the black guy with a name like a terrorist was unlikely to end well. Tragically, Obama is now entrenched in office, and has been using the FDR tactic of crippling the economy to increase dependence and then spreading free money around to keep himself there. It may be too late to get rid of him any time soon.

NBC Moonbats: Calling Juan Juan Is Racist

The GOP hasn’t even picked its nominee, and already the race card is dog-eared from wear as the leftist “mainstream” media ideologues who hyped Barack Hussein Obama into power prepare to defend his position the only way they know how. Juan Williams wasshoved down the stairs by the liberal establishment for daring to acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorism. But now he is a sacred victim of racism because Newt Gingrich called him by his first name before knocking his foolish question into the upper deck.

What It Takes to Get Someone Else to Pay for Your Groceries

All you need is a pulse…..

Then, of course, there is the bitter half, otherwise known as Michi the Moocher:

Michelle Obama fumes that she is unjustly characterized as an “angry black woman.” She must not be a woman then, because she’s obviously black and even more obviously angry:


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  1. Anyone out there read MO’s thesis?

    It’s total racism, and low-level academic writing at that.

    Don’t know if it is still on the net:(

  2. Obama is like Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”. He’s itching to come out and say that he is a Muslim.

    “Are you, Col. Jessup, a Muslim?”

    “You can’t handle the truth.”

    “I believe I have a right to it.”

    “Son, we live in a word of Islam ignoramuses, and that’s why I’m in the White House defending the wall.”

    “Col. Jessup, are you a Muslim?”

    “You’re damn right I am! – oops!”

    Scope Obama’s shady past in your browser free with the Historyscoper and win the info. wars with the PC media:

  3. Like the bumper sticker says: OBAMA SUCKS,and so does his angry black Sow.
    Dear Mad- Aussie, I hope we can get rid of both these pieces of CRAP!

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