Gitmo: "Just Folks Who Need Lawyers" Get Al Qaeda Mag Home Delivered

A sequel from our Gitmo series:

Obama renames Islamic terrorists Gitmo ‘folks’“Sorry band of men” downgraded to “folks who need lawyers”

The lawyers are doing their jobs:

Al-Qaeda magazine found in Guantanamo cell

What a torture chamber Guantanamo is, eh? It’s so horrifically draconian that the terrorized, tortured prisoners lounge around reading the propaganda that their own side, the avowed enemies of the United States, puts out.

You would complain too if you had no one to fluff your pillow!

Poverty causes terrorism, wealth causes … terrorism?

Wealthy Texas Muslim becomes jihadi, AP scratches head and wonders why

“His Koranic recitation was very good,” said Karim Baloch, who prayed behind him that night. “It was like that of an Arab.”

 Two generations spent years promoting interfaith harmony and combating Muslim stereotypes … and now this?