"I love my wife, but she's dead" says Melbourne Killer Muslim

Muselmanic Buyers Remorse?

At least he didn’t blame da Jooozzz:

A Melbourne  (Musel-)man who claimed his missing wife might have been abducted by Muslim extremists has admitted he killed her, a court has been told.

Nasir Ahmadi, 46, faced an out-of-sessions court hearing on Friday night charged with the murder of Zahara Rahimzadegan.

“I love my wife,” he told the hearing.

“But she’s dead.”   (7 News)

Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles told the court that a woman’s body was found buried underneath a concrete pad and a newly-constructed timber deck in the backyard of the couple’s Ashwood home.

“He has made full admissions in relation to this offence,” he told the hearing.

Ahmadi had previously claimed that his 46-year-old wife, also known as Mandy Ahmadi or Glorious, could have been a target of extremists for converting Muslims to Christianity.

But homicide detectives gave no weight to the theory and a day after taking on the case entered the couple’s home on Friday morning armed with a search warrant and rakes and shovels.

Det Sen Sgt Iddles said Ahmadi was arrested in the morning and interviewed throughout Friday.

By late afternoon police had ripped up the deck at the property, in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs, and unearthed the remains, which police believe are those of his missing wife.

Ahmadi had reported Zahara missing two days after she vanished on December 16 last year.

The couple came to Australia with their two children as Iranian refugees in 1999, and later converted from Islam to Christianity.

Zahara was actively involved in converting Muslims to Christianity, which leading her husband and their church to repeatedly make claims that Muslim hardliners could have abducted her.

“Maybe somebody kidnapped (her),” her husband told Network Ten earlier this week.

“We don’t like you, you Christian and you convert the people to Christianity.”

Police dismissed those claims on Thursday.

During the out-of-sessions hearing Ahmadi complained of a sore right shoulder and back.

A bail justice remanded him to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “"I love my wife, but she's dead" says Melbourne Killer Muslim”

  1. This is a new take on an old ploy. Usually the wife just goes “missing” while the tearful hubby begs for her return. Or she mysteriously “drowns” in the bathtub after decades of surviving the dangers of self sanitation. Now it’s the “jihadi” story.

    BTW, the “Honeymoon Killer”, Gabe Watson, whose young wife of 11 days mysteriously “drowned” at the Barrier Reef will be in court in February for capital murder charges. Guess the Jihadis got to her, too.

  2. Nasir Ahmadi is not a Muslim – he is a Christian and is an active member of a Church. He frequently worked to witness for Christ and convert Muslims to Christianity.

    This awful crime must be very traumatic for other members of that Church, Catch the Fire Ministries. They knew the couple well, and had no hint of serious problems or domestic violence.

    Ahmadi must be one of these types who puts on a good front.

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