Nasrallah's Jihad: "We want you (the UN), the US and Israel to be concerned."

Last week Ban Ki Moonbat remembered why he’s got a job:

U.N. chief tells Lebanon to disarm Hizballah  (I thought I wuz chokin’ on something…!)

Usually this professional beggar is demanding money to solve the hunger crisis caused by bureaucrats trying to solve the imaginary climate change crisis. But that  doesn’t mean he’s through milking the global warming hoax.

Nasrallah “very pleased”

Pals, Hezbollah or Hamas: who gives a shiite?
“At first we were told the Palestinians were behind it but it turned out to be the Hezbollah”
Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said Thai authorities received a tip-off about a planned attack, which was said to target Israelis. (Bangkok Jihad)

Haiti: What Happened to the Money?

Did anyone ask slick Willie where the money went?  Where  did the billions of dollars in international aid end up?   Led by Bill Clinton, the former US president, and Jean-Max Bellerive, Haiti’s former prime minister, many of the approved projects remain unfinished.  Haiti: The republic of NGOs?

U.S.: No Justice For Rabbi Kahane

The murderer of Rabbi Kahane was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, rather than being a “lone crazed gunman.” No surprise there: it’s all the same jihad. “No new trial for Egyptian in NY killing that brought to US terror spawned by Islamic extremism,” from the Associated Press, January 12:

Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt: “Lets make a deal…”

Brotherhood Website:


“Obama admin working diligently to prosecute American Islamophobes and is transforming the U.S. Justice Department into the conscience of the nation…”

The U.S. Justice Department is in the hands of  gunrunning closet Muslim Eric Holder.

Will the day come when Europeans and Americans again stand up on their hind legs and defend their freedoms, values and traditions? Or have we effectively given up the fight in an attempt to appease such groups as the OIC and Sharia4Belgium? If only Orwell were still with us: I bet he’d have some pungent answers to these questions.  (More)