Peace Offerings from the Usual Suspects

Israeli Christian Murdered by (Islamic)  ‘Santa Claus’…

Just a few days ago the intrepid mujaheddin killed Santa in Tajikistan,  where the state is terrified by rapidly spreading Islam. In neighboring Kyrgyzstan,  the country’s chief cleric said Muslims should not mark New Year’s because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, not just the changing of the calendar.   Tajikistan: Muslims shouting “infidel” murder Santa Claus – JW

Every Muslim knows Jihad is a Duty

How come they all know  what we are  told to ignore?

Work accident!

22-year old Jihad Anwar al-Habib was killed this morning “while performing a Jihad mission,” according to Islamic Jihad’s Al Quds Brigades.

Unfortunately, Islamic Jihad didn’t describe the circumstances of his death.

There was a large funeral for the mujahid in Gaza City.

From the Elder:

“Popular resistance” –

4 terrorists with 12 bombs, gun and knife caught at one of those inhumane checkpoints

Solving a problem begins by calling it by its proper name, at Treppenwitz

Arab boy learns:   “Not all Jews are bad”-

At last! Egypt is free!

Fantasy based policy making or  deliberate chaos created by Muselputz Obama?


The Assistant Secretary of State Feltman’s remarks about the importance of actions sound good, but at what point would the U.S. actually pull the plug, if it has stood by this long in the face of human rights abuses in Egypt? If they are afraid to rock the boat now, when would be a good time?

For that matter, since there has been no action in governance yet, the U.S. is engaging what would at best be unknown quantities, but are in reality are only “unknown” through willful denial. As this report notes, the Islamic parties “have continued to use traditional extremist rhetoric in addresses to their political base, and several Islamist groups also support a policy of gradualism.”

The possibility of duplicity appears to be off-limits in foreign policy toward Islamic countries, and that continues the practices of the previous administration. Both seem frequently surprised and in denial at being deceived. “U.S. Official on Propping Up Islamist Democracies,” from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, January 6:

Jeffrey Feltman, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, stated in a recent editorial for Dar al Hayat, that American officials will work with Islamist parties to prop up emerging Arab democracies.

“We are less concerned what a political party or organization calls itself than what it does in practice, and we will reach out to those who act according to democratic principles, respect their fellow citizens’ rights, and do not use force or violence to impose their views,” Feltman explains in the op-ed.

The Obama Administration’s goal is “to reach out beyond the traditional government and business elites not only to articulate clearly our own goals but to listen to a wide spectrum of views. This includes reaching out to Islamist parties, who now play an important role in the political transformation of many countries in the region.”

The United States intends to support the new democracies with both governmental aid and private economic investment. Feltman saluted the efforts of major American firms like Pfizer, Marriott, and Microsoft, who have already invested in Tunisia’s new Islamist-led democracy. He also discussed the Administration’s effort to convince Congress to facilitate job creation in Egypt, academic exchanges between the countries, and to “develop […] ‘Enterprise Funds’ to foster private-sector development.”

The commitment of Islamist parties to democracy and human rights remains to be seen. While officials from Tunisia’s Al-Nahda party and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have said all the right things to Western news sources, they have continued to use traditional extremist rhetoric in addresses to their political base. Several Islamist groups also support a policy of gradualism, by incrementally introducing Islamism into local society and building their relationship with other Islamist regimes in the direction of a renewed Islamic empire [Caliphate].