France, Le Pen, Sarko, Islam, the Unenforceable Burqa Ban & Ritual Slaughter

Marine Le Pen says Sarkozy’s ‘crackdown’ on Muslim terrorists is a pre-election stunt

“A few arrested Islamists and that is all… [Sarkozy] is not dealing with the real problem of fundamentalism, although he has been in charge of national security for the past 10 years.”

For Le Pen, Sarkozy, like his predecessors, “deliberately downplayed the threat from Islamists who want to see France as we know it disappear in favor of Shari’a.”  (Wanna bet she’s right? She has a whole lot to say and she says it well!)

Sarko and David Cameron, both sellouts to the Islamic invaders

France’s HopenChange Moment?

Marine Le Pen Most Popular Candidate in 18-24 Age Group

Check it out!

Ritual slaughter blamed for rise in E.coli and Campylobacter cases

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has declared that the rise in Campylobacter and E.coli cases in Europe was “directly related” to an alleged increase in ritual slaughterings, which she called a “sanitary bomb”.    Read more, Globalmeatnews

“Niggas in Paris?”

Socialist Candidate: “Vote for me, Niggas in Paris!”

How do you get young non-white people  blacks to vote for you when you’re a middle-aged balding white man? François Hollande has the answer. (by Cheradenine Zakalwe)

France: Burqa Ban  “Unenforceable”

Here’s a true story of a French citizen who dared to call the police to report the shrouded lawbreakers,  from Riposte Laique via BNI:  Reporting lawbreaking freedom sack wearers causes “backlash”, a Frenchman finds out the hard way: OUTBREAK: A new black plague is infecting France and Muslims are the carriers  (BNI)