Homo's cant judge…..

Anti-Israel left-wing gay activists visit Palestine, where they dutifully “hide their sexual orientation from their Palestinian hosts”.   Back in New York the delegation is asked about homophobia, only to be told:

It doesn’t take away from the fact that there is an occupation. We can’t judge a country by its attitudes towards homosexuals.


 “Recovering Zionist” heroes at NYT:
How can a people persecuted for so long act so brutally when finally attaining power? Will we continuously see the world as 1938, or can we use the strength of our new power to forgive, while never forgetting the lessons of our past?
This is not bravery.
Bravery is to be an Arab and to criticize the PLO. Bravery is to be a Muslim woman and criticize how Muslims treat women. Bravery is to publicly protest in Syria. Bravery is to risk your life for your opinions.  (Elder of Ziyon)
“Ordinary Gazans” want to see dead Jews
Gazans are disappointed that Hamas has not carried out more terrorist acts against Israel because they are unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and are consumed by Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism. They want nothing more than to see Israel destroyed and Israelis driven from the land and they view Israel’s existence and the Jewish presence there as an insult and an affront to them and their religion, Islam, which is full of Jew hatred and exhortations for the faithful to murder Jews and rid the world of them. Terrorist acts are seen as a means of doing this, and ordinary Gazans are disappointed that Hamas has not committed many more of them.

A young mother who was interviewed asked “Where are all the dead Jews we were promised?” and blamed Hamas for not killing more Jews than it has, for not providing her with more Jewish corpses than it has. Ordinary Gazans in their multitudes are asking the same question.

Back to (the ugly) reality:
Palestinian Media Watch has documented that demonization of Israel and Jews is common in the PA and the structures under its control.