"Just a bunch of elderly, lonely men believe in the conspiracy where the Arab world will take over Europe…"

“Clear pattern” discovered!

Klassekampen  is a red fish-wrap which advocates ‘class war’-  It claims its “investigations revealed” readership groups to websites Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, The Brussels Journal, Islam Watch, Atlas Shrugged, Tundra Tabloid, Vladtepesblog and The Green Arrow showed “a clear pattern.”

Men at home over 65, with little education and no children reportedly represent the average reader of anti-Islam websites.

“These people [also] fully believe in the existence of a conspiracy, where the Arab world will take over the European one,” concluded Mr Bach.

Me thinks Mr Bach doesn’t get out much…..

Islam has been trying for more than thousand years to conquer Europe and eradicate its civilization. By sapping Europe’s will to live, socialist nihilism created a vacuum that is allowing this catastrophe to finally be achieved.


 RT also launched an ‘investigation’ with an alarming result:

Counter-Jihad movements that inspired Anders Breivik’s Norway massacre are growing in influence in the US and Europe: a recent report by UK activist group Hope not Hate has mapped their spread, and the links between them.

The document identifies 300 organizations and individuals who use anti-Islam rhetoric to draw in supporters and voters. It highlights the UK as a hotspot for such groups, citing a total of 22 anti-Islamic groups currently operating in the country, naming the Luton-based English Defense League (EDL) as one of the most influential.

(WTF is ‘Hope not Hate’?)

Here’s a dose of reality for you,  leftards:

Young People in France Turn Increasingly to ‘Far Right’– by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The future is ours.

According to an IFOP poll on 16 December, 28% of young people aged 18-24 would be ready to vote for Marine Le Pen, against a French average of 20%.

Marine Le Pen Most Popular Candidate in 18-24 Age Group

7 thoughts on “"Just a bunch of elderly, lonely men believe in the conspiracy where the Arab world will take over Europe…"”

  1. “Men at home over 65, with little education and no children reportedly represent the average reader of anti-Islam websites.”

    Really? So that what journalism is today, a platform for fiction writers.
    I would ask were he got his data, but we all know he made it all up based upon his own prejudices. He got my age, gender and education wrong.

    As for the youth of France leaning towards the right. Unsurprising really, as they are the victims who have been in the first line of attack by immigrants who are hostile to France and French culture. They have been assaulted by immigrants in schools, at the parks and just being out in the shops. The left can spin multi-culti fantasies all they want, but the children have lived with a different reality.

  2. I think that “Klassenkampen” simply highlights the intellectual and moral weaknesses of the left. The fools appear to be unable to even research informastion on their chosen topic. However, this may be deliberate.The disturbing part of this story is that abuse of the media in the fashion undertaken by “Klassenkampen” is straight out of the Stalinist manifesto.

  3. this is a war and the sooner the bleeding heart lefties realise this the better.

  4. Well, they have certainly succeeded in making the term anti-islam sound hateful enough to enough people to be able to use it as a (supposed) insult.

    Strange: anti-communism, anti-drugs, anti-crime, anti-pasta(not sure about that one), all not an insult.
    Anti-fascist, anti-terror, anti-slavery, anti-islam, anti-misogamy, anti-socialism.
    Yep, I am all those things and proud of them.

    These thing, Mr Bach, are good, proud things to be!

  5. For those who find it difficult to withdraw their heads from under the sand for more time than it takes to draw breath, the war is already under way. We are under global insurgent attack. The longer we dilly dally before mounting an effective counter-attack, at every level, the harder it will be to survive. The only thing lacking is leadership – true leadership, that can successfully lead us through a global conflict.
    In WW2 we had Allied forces versus the Axis forces. Now we have the Coalition forces versus You Know Who but we are deployed in the wrong theatre and fighting the wrong adversary with one arm tied behind our back by our PC UN and Leftist friends. We have not even declared war, to make our focus to be single-minded in purpose, and we are still pandering to the squeaky wheels in the UN and elsewhere. It takes strong leadership to overcome these hurdles and get things moving in the right direction.
    Who do you nominate? Who is there to stand up and be counted? Name three or four. Difficult, eh?
    Roll on the next election!

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