Happy 'Nakba Day!'

Australia needs aNakba Day” like it needs a tax on carbon’.

For those unfamiliar with the term– “nakba” means “catastrophe” in Arabic, and often refers to the day in which the state of Israel was re-created in 1948.

A Supreme Court judge has dismissed an application by police to prevent a pro-Palestine protest going ahead this evening, saying Nakba Day should be regarded like Anzac Day or Christmas Day.   HOORAY FOR NAKBA DAY  (Tim Blair)

Where do they breed these freaks?


Arab MK: Nakba Equal to Destruction of Jewish Temples!

These are the same creeps who claim there never was a Jewish Temple or any Jewish life in Jerusalem:

Israeli-Arab lawmakers lined up to incite against Israel on Tuesday saying the creation of the Jewish state was the “equivalent to the destruction of the First and Second [Jewish] Temples.”—More on the First and Second Temples at Arutz Sheva thanks to Mullah

For “Nakba Day” – an e-book that tells the truth

Elder of Ziyon:

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem:

Before “Nakba Day” officially begins on May 15, roughly 1,000 people gathered outside Tel Aviv University today to mark the occasion.

The Jerusalem Post reports:


Lies, damned lies and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics came out with its annual “nakba” report where it tries to twist numbers to make Israel look as bad as possible.Just a quick glance through it shows a number of lies as well as more evidence that the PA has no real interest in peace.For example:

Nakba in literary terms means a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake, volcano, or hurricane. However, the Nakba in Palestine describes a process of ethnic cleansing in which an unarmed nation has been destroyed and its population displaced to be replaced systematically by another nation. Unlike a natural catastrophe, the Palestinian Nakba was the result of a man-made military plan with the agreement of other states, leading to a major tragedy for the Palestinian people.

Who started the war again? Oh, yeah, the “unarmed nation” of Arabs in Palestine who immediately started killing Jewish civilians after the UN partition resolution. They were then joined by their compatriots from neighboring Arab states.

 Tony BLiar ‘concerned:’

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown whines about Israel’s “state barbarism”


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