Myth Dispelling, Islam Promo & Hijab

Thanks to Mullah

Oxford conference will help promote Islam, says Raja Zarith

That’s what its all about:

By Zaharah Othman/12 May 2012

OXFORD: The Ditchley Roundtable Conference on Muslims and Science can be a catalyst to promote better understanding of Islam and the Islamic world.

Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah, the consort of the sultan of Johor, said the exchange of ideas at the conference would help dispel negative images and perceptions about Islam.   More negative image dispelling at NewStraitsTimes

Convert meets false profit:

Her mother’s reaction to her conversion was severe: “Why? How could you betray Jesus?” Marcela’s calm answer was: “I haven’t betrayed him. I love him as a prophet of God.”–More apostasy at onislam

Muselpromo in Germany:   Intensive Course in Muslim Life in Germany
Some of these chicks seem to believe Islam is about  making a fashion statement:

It’s an intensive course on Islam and migration in Germany – a hands-on, interactive experience. A Koran diploma in sixteen lessons? Maybe not that, but the evening certainly does provide a significant insight into the everyday life of Muslims in Germany.—Story with nauseating pics at Qantara

On Islam, Romney Doesn’t Have the Slightest Idea What He’s Talking About
Seminar on “Why Hijab?” at Islamic Centre of England

On Saturday 19th May 2012, the AIM Platform will be hosting Hujjat Al-Islam Sheikh Mirza Abbas who will cover the issue of the importance of Hijab and the challenges of Muslim women in the modern age.

More from the decaying state at ABNA