The Sky is Falling!

“Sustainable” Scare Mongering:

If its not glo-bull worming its the frogs that need protection:

Environmentalists say leaders at June’s Rio+20 summit must urgently step up nature protection, as a report confirms a 30% decline in wildlife since 1970….

“Nature is more important than money. Humanity can live without money, but we can’t live without nature…”

If that’s the case, then why do all the climate wankers and the environmentalists want our money?

Yes, we should be afraid of the redistribution scams. When somebody tells you  that it will never rain again you should hold on to your wallet!

The Climate Commission should be ashamed of its report claiming global warming will cause terrible heat waves in western Sydney, killing people and driving up crime. The greatest challenge of our time, created by  professional fraudsters and snake-oil salesmen….

Tim Blair suggests we should TAKE OUT THE TRASH  and Labor blows another  $36 million on a carbon tax advertising campaign that nobody wanted: THERE WILL BE NO MENTION OF A CARBON TAX UNDER MY GOVERNMENT

Update from JoAnn Nova:

Now just because there is no shadowy sinister ruler giving out orders, doesn’t mean there isn’t a class of worthless self-serving freeloaders, who claw for power and money and cheer on the useful idiots who help them on the way.

Unfortunately for us all, we have them in government.