Fear: I Know Fear. Europe has Returned to Pre WWII

Giulio Meotti explains FEAR:

The writer is a staunchly pro-Israel non-Jew, who tells us. “One day I reached my office, the stairs had been vandalized with red paint and the words “Free Palestine”. I know fear”

When kippah-wearing Jews and non-Jews march in Sweden to show that they have no fear, I know fear.

When anti-Semitism is again the most common currency of politics in Europe, I know fear.

When the Chief Rabbi of Lyon receives death threats with menacing photos, I know fear.

When a rabbi and his daughter are assaulted in the middle of Berlin, I know fear.


“Judaization’ fears:

More ‘Judaization’ Worries:

When guards patrol the streets near Rome’s Jewish school with metal detectors, searching for explosives, I know fear.

When I, a non-Jew,  receive letters saying “dear feces eating insect, scratch around the Zionist dung as it’s natural for you” and my name appears in the list of the “mafia ebraica”, I know fear.

When Bruxelles debates the criminalization of “Islamophobia” like the Soviet Union did with “deviationism”, I know  fear.

When circumcision is persecuted in Germany, like during the Shoah when the Jewish ritual could bring with it a death sentence, I know fear.

When Hizbullah officials speak at the Sorbonne University, I know fear.

When cartoonists’ houses are protected as bunkers with cameras, I know fear.

When the office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo is attacked by a firebomb, I know fear.

When even the pencils of visitors of Geert Wilders are searched by the police, I know fear.

When the brave German journalist Henryk Broder is sued for using the term “anti-Semite”, I know fear

When Israeli historians escape lynchings in London by keffiyah-clad Muslims, I know fear.

When in Tolouse Jews are gunned down and nobody cares anymore, I know fear.

Today, fear dominates the heart of the very few writers and journalists who are willing to say the truth.

When many of them are put on trial because of their ideas, I know fear.

Because Jews and journalists are like the canary in the coalmine.

If Europe fails to protect them, it must be feared that soon nobody will soon feel safe in Europe.

Eric Zemmour, Jewish journalist and author, has been found guilty of racial hatred after telling a TV chat show that drug dealers were mostly “blacks and Arabs”. A few weeks ago, Zemmour was dismissed from his radio show.

The late Italian writer Oriana Fallaci went on trial in France and Italy, where anti-racist leftist associations compared her to Osama bin Laden.

Alain Finkielkraut, a distinguished French philosopher, has been sued for racial hatred for having said that if the ghetto riots of 2005 “were whites, like in Rostock in Germany … everyone would have said: ‘Fascism won’tbe tolerated’”. Since then, Finlielkraut has been silent. That’s why I fear.

Because attacks work.

If the writer Michel Houellebecq was on trial for his novel “Platform” and for interviews where he criticized Islam, other journalists became refugees in their own countries.

In the Netherlands, where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim for his criticism of Islam, cartoonist Gregorious Nekshot uses a pseudonym to protect himself. At the University of Leiden, Rembrandt’s city, the office of Law Professor Afshin Ellian, who escaped the Iranian religious dictatorship, is protected by bulletproof walls and policemen.

The French philosopher Robert Redeker has been sentenced to death in an Islamist website that, in order to facilitate a potential assassin’s task, provided his address, telephone and a photograph of his home. Redeker told me how he now lives: “I cannot go out to buy bread or newspapers or for a glass of wine. I cannot walk in the streets. I am a refugee in my own country. I cannot take the train, bus or subway. I receive mail in a place far from my home. I have no contact with the people of the area where I chose to live. The police guards my house. To avoid the waiting room, a doctor comes to my home. A friend cuts my hair. Friends have become rare. My gaze on mankind is no longer the same. It’s full of melancholy”.

Demonization and persecution hunt down everybody dissenting from political correctness.

The latest case is Richard Millet.

Before August 24th, Millet was one of the most important of France’s literary editors. He works for the renowned publisher Gallimard, where he played a decisive role in publishing best sellers like “The Kindly Ones” byJonathan Littell. Millet is a celebrated writer himself, whose important books won the Académie Française’s essay award.

But after he published a short pamphlet about last year’s Norway massacre, Millet become a demon to burn at the stake. He wrote that Breivik’s acts are the consequence of Europe’s “nihilistic multiculturalism”, of its “desperation”, “loss of national identity,” “Islamization,” and “irénique fraternity,” which is the illusion of living in harmony with Islam. Reasonable, but enough to make him a pariah.

Newspapers such as Le Monde promoted a campaign against the writer, calling him “islamophobe” and charging him of being a former Lebanese Phalangist fighter. The Francophone Muslim author Tahar Ben Jelloun called Millet’s book “disgusting” and asked his publishing house, Gallimard, to fire him (“Millet can’t be part of this organization”). Millet will probably lose his job and his books will be boycotted.

It’s true that the honor of Europe will be saved by few writers armed with pens and courage. But it’s also true that these writers are alone, that Islamic intimidation works, that the West capitulated, that fear dominates also the tribunals and that anti-Semitism is reaching epidemic proportions again. In Lyon, the old days of Klaus Barbie, the cruel Gestapo’s cityhead, are back and rabbis are threatened to death.

Europe’s streets are very dark these days and you feel like a Jew in Berlin in the ‘20s. It’s always better to watch your back.

How many “pro-Israel” friends can the Jewish State really count on these days?

One day I reached my office, the stairs had been vandalized with red paint and the words “Free Palestine”.

I know fear.

14 thoughts on “Fear: I Know Fear. Europe has Returned to Pre WWII”

  1. There is no real islamic country
    on the planet.
    I repeat ….There is no real Islamic country
    on the planet.
    There is nothing like an
    islamic country.
    Just because some dick started
    a robber cult by fooling and s l a u g h t er i n g some of the unsuspecting natives big
    time and declares himself the world’s best robber doesn’t mean that saudi arabia became his….and his headquarters. Islam is a frigging forced upon
    cult a robber cult with no scruples and no honor or regret and shame. Just like
    the mental and sadistic leader. Islam should be evacuated from the planet.
    ‘Dis-respect’ or even question anything in islam, and any ‘good Muslim’ anywhere can kill you….WOW man…. What a religion of peace. I think the word DRONE comes from the slang for the sound that Islamic and Arabic sounds like when spoken or heard. Now it’s droning over their heads. A good muslim is actually a very evil person. We got to cull mozzys.Not talk to them.

    Enough with this islam-nonsense. Afganistan is a Buddhist country, Pakistan is
    a Hindu country, Saudi-arabia is a jewish country, Bangladesh is a Hindu
    country, Iran is a Zoroastrian country, etc.etc.etc. Muslims have to re-convert and re-connect to the religion of their peaceful and harmonious ancestors prior to their unfortunate meeting with moremad-the-dirty arab
    and his gang of violent morons and their hate filled violent actions and
    thoughts. “Non-stop violent and dirty thoughts islam is” Yoda would say.
    islam is no religion and any self respecting cult would rather throw up than be compared to islam. Islam stands alone in it’s own v o m i t .
    “Filth islam is” Yoda would say.
    The arabs will have to become jews. …because the arabs were jews too
    who lived in the desert before moremad-the-dirty arab came charging with madness and started
    slapping the oldies and the women around. Fantastic.

    Just because some dick heads
    with swords came by and started their hooligan madness and b l o o d violence and
    scared everybody’s ancestors into the cult by basically hijacking
    their children’s minds does not give islam any right to live in Saudi Arabia
    anymore. Saudi Arabia isn’t a country: it’s a Royal Family with ca. 10 million servants of varying class.All this desert bull has to be stopped. Islam has to be taught and
    explained to why it shouldn’t live. Once and for all.
    Islam has to be banned
    and mass proper mental schooling has to done on each and every muslim. Within 3
    generations this will be a fantastic planet. Everybody will be schooled and
    nobody can blame islam for their idiotic and violent and absurd actions and
    thoughts. Islam has to be forgotten. This is the Planet Marshall plan.

  2. It’s a given……Islam is violent …very violent.
    Islam cannot change or convert so just as islam prescribes death for many things,
    islam should be put to death.

    Muslims are the first victims of islam……
    Yoda would say “Sadistic only can live islam and violently only extinguished can
    islam be .” We have to understand Yoda first and then we have to understand that just because muslims can speak doesn’t make them nice like us. A Cobra can never become non-poisonous.
    All muslims ….even the elderly ones and
    middle aged mental ones today were actually nice children that islam forcibly
    retarded with sadistic threats and actions first by the eldest. Doubting
    anything islamic is un-islamic. Dogma and mindless bull is shoved into their innocent minds from a young age all their lives….in guttural Arabic…which is being noted and translated and captured on digital media. The islam file is fattening. islam is a capture cult. Death for simply wanting exit…..a simple and most deadly threat all their lives.
    Muslims are s c r e w e d.

    If muslims today had to choose rationally do you think they’d choose these idiotic arabs? Without free oil cash islam would sink like the titanic. All muslims think that when the whole world is muslim they’ll be rich like the arabs. Like the arabs are going to give it away….ha!!

    I’m sure the first arab muslims were
    just slightly dumber than moremad-the-dirty arab and just as frustrated. No one actually is
    that mad to choose islam for what it is.

    Perverted after-life sensual bribery and guilt-free
    violence for fulfilling violent and psychotic fantasies of the elderly self-proclaimed sadistic clergy who are the most pure muslims just like Moremad-the-dirty arab .
    Muslims are trapped in islam .

    They want out bwana……. but who will show them the way?

    Maybe when they hang that mullah in Pakistan for blasphemy because he did the right thing by tearing and burning some koran that the muslims of the world will see the dangling carrot
    on the stick. Thank god for TV. islam will be washed out of our planet . I would
    rather live in a jungle full of wild animals than near a fester of smiling muslims.

  3. Sweet and innocent muslim children from literally birth are just forcibly self-retarded by idiotic and absurd indoctrination and forehead pounding scar tissue forming stone floor forehead banging tock tock tock tocking self inflicted literal medical brain damage……that continues a lifetime. This has to be stopped at once. Muslims have to show some logical thought and leave illogical islam behind and those that can’t have to be sent to new-thought free thought schools. Any self-remaining muslims that do get violent in and with society will have to be dealt with by us by their self-chosen law ….sharia law.
    In a democracy too if you screw up and insist you’re a muslim we’ll sharia you. If you aren’t a muslim it’s automatic-democracy rules. Arguments aside….Harm has to be and can only to be dealt with harm only. There is no other way….it seems. Quarantine time.
    And just when will Angelina Jolie be made a bond girl ? When she’s as old as the current M lady who’s not bad for 80…?
    And as we speak muslims in Pakistan under the islamic guidance of a mullah who’s still not rightly torn and burnt a koran are smashing away with iron rods and hammers all still visible signs of the great and ancient Mohenjodaro and Harrappa civilisations …soon even the Egytian pyramids will go. Have no doubt about this. Slowly everything will go…..Let us not underestimate hate. Hate can clear minds ……and a planet….our planet !!
    That’s all we do ….it seems.

  4. The Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah from Pakistan who gently and righteously tore and burnt the Koran is a WorldHero….. guided gently and rightly by allah or moremad-the-dirty arab he was shown the righteous and islamic way to tear apart and burn the koran. Cool. This is a good start…..allah is gently and rightly showing the world that it’s cool to destroy the koran. This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah from Pakistan who tore and burnt the Koran should be released from police custody asap and should be given a noble prize and continuous free world travel to show the planet’s people how to gently and righteously tear and burn the koran.
    This is the next step of islam…burning after reading the koran whenever one comes across any koran however beautiful and stylishly written….you got to burn it bro…allah guided us so. It has be the right thing to do …….gently guided by allah and moremad-the-dirty arab. Tock tock tock tock your forehead on the ground now and wait for the next revelation from allah…coming soon to any Islamic country near you.

    This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah from Pakistan who tore and burnt the Koran is truly a great muslim-man. Actually he should be given a beautiful marble statue that shows his tearing the koran and next to him in a series of 2 there should be a second beautiful marble statue of him burning the koran. It would look so lovely replicated in most town squares all over the globe as a super tribute to the first man after moremad-the-dirty arab showing the world and all his fellow muslims how to rightly and gently tear and burn all the Korans that they ever come across. There will be strongman shows on tv for and of people claiming they can tear a koran in seconds flat for cash rewards ofcourse. Whatever he did allah showed This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah from Pakistan who tore and burnt the Koran rightly and verily so now he must show the world how allah guided him rightly to tear and burn the koran. Everyone and their dogs want to do it too. YESS !!! YESS !!! YESS !!! PAKISTAN IS SHOWING THE WAY OF HOW korans SHOULD BE BURNT properly and allah-guided. This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah from Pakistan who allah guided gently to tear and burn the Koran should be invited to the UN for a jam-packed audience from around the world…tribal-heads should be invited too…. we should call this guy moremad-the-dirty arabtoo. Aaahhh……PAKISTAN….The Land of The Pure…..pure muslims….pure thugs……all muslims.
    There are so many mozzys on this planet daily that now you can actually see them from space…..i’m sure…..and the b l o o d-stain too….archealogically the islam-bloodstain has only been around for just a mere 1400 years. Time to can it!!

  5. Afganistan was a peaceful and fantastic buddhist country till islam slimed in with green flags and dirty rivers of blood and arabic. The planet should invite the Great Dalai Lama to return to his true Buddhist country of his roots pre-islam. Afganistan should be given back to the buddhists who were forcibly ejected or slain by islam in the pre-koran burning age.
    Afganistan should henceforth be called GreaterTibet.

    Do all the planet’s muslims even know the ultimate islamic-allahpeace-truth??
    Moremad-the-dirty arab’s LAST dying words lovingly recorded by his illiterate tribe…”Until The Last Koran Has Been Burnt And Last Emir Is Hanged By The Entrails Of The Last Imam……There Will Be No Peace On Earth”.
    Muslims please get to work. Like asap !!!

    All the muslims will have to go to Saudi and so will most muslims as long as they have the ashes of Korans they have burnt personally. A one way haj….saudi Arabia loves muslims. Take them .

    A lament from the times of islam’s birth in all the minds of people who knew and currently know that islam has come too close for their own good. Islam was started only because moremad-the-dirty arab wanted to be richer faster and without any morals….moremad-the-dirty arab is showing today’s italian and any mafia types how to do it right…..even the Italian mafia will be talking guttural-arabic soon…anyway…..

    i Curse this world,
    i curse this time,
    i curse this fate of mine that uncivilized and never to be civilised arabs have come to make me and my loving and free and laughing family into dirty surly and gutter-uncouth savage muslims like themselves.

    And savages they are….if we can’t call a savage a savage and a mad man a mad man one of these days very soon they’ll come and tell us to call muslims humans and believe that islam a religion. Just imagine muslim man….but muslim-man can’t imagine not because muslim-man’s not John Lennon but because moremad-the-dirty arab said don’t imagine…..what will happen to your children if you don’t get out from a robber’s dirty religion that is actually a cult ! What will you tell your children ? Will you tell them i know it’s very wrong but moremad-the-dirty arab said so , so it is right. You’re f-ing mad !! And a coward….muslim-man.

  6. The Council of Forward-Thinking Muslims in an air-conditioned tent in some sidey desert in arabland somewhere has declared the Bulldozer as the Best invention of all time. A l l a h- o h – a kkk kb b b a aa r r rr…. Al lah -oh- ak k k k b bb a a a rr rr…. !!!
    The Bulldozer won hands-down against Fire as a tool for wiping out recorded and beautifull non-islamic history. Hands-down !!

    Humans want to be humans but islam teaches humans to teach other humans to be as smart as monkeys or else its death brother…you better get with the program or else it’s going to be misery and death…it’s your choice….and you got to lock up your women head to toe or else we’ll k i l l you because moremad-the-dirty arab said women and little girls are just an inferior subspecies who don’t have a brain or face or personality as long as they have a c u n t to breed more muslims….full-on. … WOW !! Moremad-the-dirty arab…the first prize winner in the planetary Mr.Most Sadistic competition. Moremad-the-dirty arab is the ultimate winner over humans, dogs and pigs !! In the intellect round he just cut of every questioners head…you see without a head you can’t hear the totally mad answer….WOW!! ..and the arabs want educated people to follow the example of moremad-the-dirty arab …..this uneducated lout ? muslims are truly as mad as their moremad-the-dirty arab.

  7. Stupid muslim village clerics that have still not rightly torn-apart and burnt korans hold far more sway over the DDD(Different, Damaged and Damaging sub-species)muslim population than any country’s government officials. They
    daily and five times a day lead in non-muslim hate lectures and give guidance
    on many aspects of how to be an evil and semi-insane human all this life.
    Five times a day !! Everyday !! Women are not people in this cult…they are
    things for breeding only. Islam sanctions pedophilia…..and it’s all in Arabic…..text
    and instructions and global arab money ……evil is cunning….a Guidance to
    insanity. You just got to read a proper and literal translation of the sadistic
    and insane Koran to f ing just know what these total idiots are up to in large
    numbers. Five times a day !! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor.
    Muslims are cartoons and they don’t even know it !!
    Every f ing day !!! TOCK tock tock tock tocking their brains inside their foreheads on the hard stone floor. We’re screwed. Islam is coming …and their foreheads are going to knock down our doors.

    Soon islam will
    take over the world and all our science and technology will be by-passed and
    discarded and as a species humans will again live like it was in Saudi Arabia in
    the times of moremad-the-dirty-arab .The arabs will be the rulers and the whole world will
    forever be mad.

    Everybody will be muslim and women will be perpetually
    thrashed and trashed and uneducated .Black people will only be slaves. The population of
    the blacks will slowly come to an end because as more and more black people
    will be slaved this time forever and castrated. No free thought will be allowed and there will be
    a non-stop stunting of the human mind. All education and forward thought will
    come to a stop and soon all tech will be passed and humans will once again use
    animals for locomotion. Within 4 generations of only islam all history will be
    wiped out and most animals will be slaughtered to extinction. Only Arabic will
    be spoken and fear and brainless thoughts will be encouraged and wide-spread. This
    will continue for at least 5000 years. As medical science will fall apart and
    viruses will attack the muslims unchecked. Islam will die from small pox or
    something even more lethal. Only after islam is wiped out by a virus and by
    then all humans will be as smart as monkeys are today will another civilisation
    rise from the annihilation of our current human race. Humans are doomed as of
    today . islam will rise and savagery will be the order of the day. Only from
    the ashes of islam 20,000 years into the future will new-man again rise as man,
    that will take another 20,000 years and another language besides Arabic will

    Today’s modern
    and rational man is tomorrow’s mayan…..soon to be slaughtered by islam and hearing hardcore gutteral-arabic cries of allah -oh-aahhkkkbaaaarrrr……allah-oh-akhhbaarr isn’t english…..it seems…

    As the great Edward Grey once
    said, “The lights are going out… we shall not see them lit again in our time”.

  8. Forget walking on the moon and Mars. i have a feeling our islam retarded future muslim offsprings will only be camel-racing ..in arabic! We are pushing our future generations into the saudi-arabia gutter just because it was impolite to tell the arabs fk-you and fk-off with a few big choice big bangs about 20 of them…no less. Not very smart for our future generations they won’t even be able to read this because it’s not in Arabic. Saving history is silly at this point becauseislam will bulldoze and obliterate the full planet’s heritage that islam did not create. Megalomania, insane. Moremad-the-dirty-arab would have voted the bulldozer as the greatest invention ever. Islam will obliterate the pyramids hundred percent ! Have absolutely no doubt about this ! It’ll be tough but islam will obliterate the pyramids. Will take time but they will vanish……islam is mad with paranoia. shhhh…..
    Moremad-the-dirty-arab was a m a d man and you can’t say it so don’t even think it . Got it ??!!

    Western science flies you to the moon. Islam flies you into buildings!

  9. The whole world including South America will slowly rise against islam. islam as we speak is infiltrating the latinos….. The latinos are not brits and neither are they stupid like the brits … no stiff upper lip bull… islam has a sword but south america has the machete and simple common sense that will dawn. An even match. Since the birth of islam because of some dumb and cowardly arabs the horror that is islam has been making forward thinking men and women move away from it constantly. But soon the planet is going to come to an end for running away from islam. Television is the culprit. The horror that is islam cannot be openly discussed on television because it is too horrible to show on TV. But the aftermath of living next to invasive islam can be showed only when islam is resisted and thus islam comes out looking good. Pure evil looks good because the Politically-Correct brigade refuses to see the horrors of islam and most of the channels in TV are slowly but surely being bought over by the arabs who are the only creeps who benefit because of islam. Women and children have no voice in islam and the politically correct way is silence. No one has the guts today to call islam evil. Evil it is. Savages muslims are. Islam is sadistic. Some of the writing is poetically sadistic. The Dirtiest poetry if there ever was any written. The idiotic Koran would never ever win any award for literature. Gutter-Literature First Prize. Hands down.
    Like i said..the main theme of the dirty and sadistic koran is fury and hatred against non-Muslims like us and our children, expressed in the most sadistic language ever placed between the covers of a single book. Islam and it’s evil koran is the twisted and sadistic enemy-document against humanity and human dignity.
    Islam is not the answer.
    Islam is the wrong answer.

  10. If the polygamy angle was removed from islam …islam would die faster.
    If the death penalty for leaving islam was removed from islam …..islam would die faster.

    islam is a sex and death cult cult …nothing else.
    Islam sanctions and commits pedohilia non-stop since it’s birth. Islam cannot be changed.
    Why doesn’t the supreme court forcibly read the koran and take a judgement call on it?
    Evil amonst us …islam is evil amongst us.
    If murder is not allowed then islam should also not be allowed.
    I think islam might win.
    Finished !!
    We are finished !!
    And within 50 years and within 4 post only-islam generations of stupid regressive and vile islam the whole human population will be muslims and muslims and only muslims. …All monkey-looking males looking the same with dirty beards and bad hygiene and gutter-thoughts-programmed. Imagine this…Deadly !! No women in sight…all over the planet all women will be under burkhas and veils. ..un-educated and brainwashed and TRASHED AND THRASHED into submission and when there is nothing to compare the cult with…. doom!! Women are doomed under islam. Finished ! Humans had the atom bomb but were slaved by the miserable ,melodic amd sadistic koran. The arabs were the smartest in the end. Who says airconditioning isn’t creative in the desert. Free cash is all islam had. Free cash is sordid islam’s oxygen. It will again be in the sword age for humans and there will be no way out……All that is not muslim will be razed and everybody will be moremad-the-dirty arab.
    Moremad-the-dirty-arab was definitely more mad. Moremad-the-dirty-arab was actually the maddest. Fantastic….and to think if somebody made this movie they’d be on the hit-list. Creepy morals.
    If only islam is just given one thundering slap across the face of Saudi Arabia islam will grovel as it dies. One tight thundering slap on mecca and medina and about 20 other ready to be slapped cities….screw the structures …. slap them all….we’ll rebuild what was ours in peace casually.
    There is only one solution….everybody’s thinking it …..somebody please press the slapping-button.
    islam won. Human women and children and Good thoughts Good words and Good deeds lost. Finally .

  11. On the eve of Neil Armstrong’s death we have realised that here are so many mozzys on this planet daily that now you can actually see them from space…..i’m sure…..and the b l o o d-stain too….archealogically the islam-bloodstain has only been around for just a mere 1400 years.

    On the eve of Neil Armstrong’s death we have realised that it will take islam hardly anytime to annihilate mankind and make a monster called muslims.

    On the eve of Niel Armstrong’s death we can see the muslim mega-organism from space….
    islam will take over the full planet and our children because we spared the rod and spoilt the mad-child.
    Islam is rabid to us and our children and our grand-children…..and yet we did not k i l l it.
    islam is rabid to muslims too and they are constantly told madly to live frothing at the mouth all their upside down lives.
    All this venting and fact-talking by us on forums like this….this is just last minute mouth-frothing by us the non-muslims as we die of islamic-rabies. What will happen to our children’s children’s children ?? ….. i guess guttural rabic and hate. We’re done !!

    It’s like saying, “islam won’t hurt me, islam will hurt my daughter, and islam will surely hurt my daughter’s daughter, but for me being politically correct is much more important. I understand the threat, but let’s talk equality with savages and murdering retards even if it is poison that i and my family have to drink”.

  12. The muslims are going to slowly but surely bulldoze and
    b l a s t all the pyramids one of these days and i never got to touch them…what to do ?
    Islamic humans look like clothed monkeys with excessive facial hair and dirty skull caps and the majority will be called moremad-the-dirty arab. This scene will definitely baffle the aliens who’ll come down and realise that The Planet Of The Apes part 1 and 2 were just documentaries. Muslims are clothed monkeys thinking toilet-thoughts. ….just like moremad-the-dirty-arab….What a planet it will be ….the aliens are going to be super-baffled by islam. Class!!
    Even if moremad-the-dirty-arab came back and said islam is a failed experiment….the mullahs would hang him within the hour.
    Islam will win and show the finger to progress and all good lives.
    Islam will win. Evil will win. Political correctness and free cash was all islam needed. Evil is and will be the ultimate winner on planet earth….and in the dirty corner …in the green shorts and with arab handlers…..the winner of earth….Evil. Tell me … when the whole world is muslim who will they k i l l as their jihadi duty ?

  13. Lets be honest.

    We all know this story. We have seen it and heard it all before.

    First it is the Jews and then the rest of us become the targets.

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