Why do we allow Koranimals to get away with murder, slander & incitement?

Making a mockery of everything, only their prophet (Satan) must not be mocked:

Mustard Mother ‘didn’t know what behead meant’

 The mother who gave her young child a sign reading “behead all those who insult the prophet” has reportedly told police she did not know what the word “behead” meant.

When the second generation is more radical than its immigrant parents, it is no longer possible to rely on two liberal fantasies – that assimilation simply comes with time, and that extremists can be stopped at the gate. The problem is the culture, not merely the individuals you let in:

AUSTRALIAN Muslim children are at risk of being groomed in extremist anti-Western ideology by radicalised parents, posing a new challenge to national security agencies, a leading terrorism expert has warned…


“A sense of perspective is missing here,” some caliphate-craving Hizbie fellow tells Today Tonight about Islamic calls for infidel slaughter. In part two of the program’s forum on Saturday’s riot,Rebecca Kay offers this explanation for how a sign demanding the death of blasphemers came to be in the hands of a pre-school child:

I personally believe that that sign was left on the floor for that child to pick it up.

It was a conspiracy all along! And do enjoy this exchange, beginning at 2:26:

Rebecca Kay: “No offence Joe, [but] you have restrictions against your religion, you can’t say anything bad about Jewish people. We don’t have them kind of protections.”

Joe Hildebrand: “I’m not Jewish.”

Kay: “Oh, aren’t you? Are you sure?

Hildebrand: “I’m pretty sure.”

Here Kay again, from 4:28:

It takes two to tango… The police force was equally as aggressive.

(Via Tim Blair)


The mother of the young boy who was holding the sign calling for the beheading of those who insult the Muslim prophet has handed herself into police.

Surprise: the mustard bitch was almost immediately let off:

A NSW Police spokeswoman confirmed … the woman would not be charged.

Community Services workers visited the woman’s home and conducted welfare checks on her children.

A spokesman for Community Services Minister Pru Goward said the mother was not known to authorities or the subject of any reports to the helpline or agency – and the children were not found to be any immediate danger.

“Her understanding is that she didn’t think the protest was going to get violent,” the spokesman said.

She may have an answer to everything and she knows how to lie like Koranimals do; but why must we accept it?

Assimilation cannot be assumed when the welfare culture among refugees particularly is so extraordinarily strong. Judith Sloan on an Immigration Department report I wrote about last year:

For example, the employment rate of humanitarian migrants from Afghanistan was recorded at only 9 per cent … five years after settlement and nearly 94 per cent of households from Afghanistan received Centrelink payments

Those from Iraq did little better, with 12 per cent employed and 93 per cent of households in receipt of Centrelink payments. Interestingly, those who did best in the humanitarian group were from Central and West African countries such as Sierra Leone.

In Sydney, more evidence of a hatred that is simply seizing a pretext:

Several of the hundreds of demonstrators who marched on the city’s US consulate were carrying the black flags adopted by the proscribed terror organisation and its splinter groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq.

The ABC’s Waleed Aly looks for excuses for the Sydney riot, as usual, but this time finds his victimology is running dry:

The usual Aly stuff. Unrepresentative minority. Understand the anger. See what you’ve done to provoke it. Let’s not question the faith itself. Yada yada yada.

But this time Aly complains that victimology “grants an extraordinary level of power to those doing the offending”, and adds:

The trouble is that in our digital world, there is always something to oblige [if you search for offence]. Anyone can Google their prejudices, and there is always enraging news to share with others. Indeed entire online communities gather around the sharing of offensive material and subsequent communal venting. Soon you have a subculture: a sub-community whose very cohesion is based almost exclusively on shared grievance. Then you have an identity that holds an entirely impoverished position: that to be defiantly angry is to be.

Frankly, Muslims should find that prospect catastrophic.

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  1. Whats the name of the EDL woman who will have her baby taken away by gov department for being a member of EDL.
    Maybe you could link it to photo and publish.

  2. Thus once again this so call “religion of peace” shows its true colors.
    Which are those colors of hate and violence.

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