Jihad, Sex & Exploitation


New Fatwa Permits Rape of Non-Sunni Women in Syria/Raymond Ibrahim

Yet another Islamic cleric recently made it permissible for the Islamic fighters waging a jihad in Syria—politely known as “the opposition”—to rape the nation’s women.

India’s largest Islamic organisation “brainwashing and training girls for jihad”

“Mumbai Police’s jihad circular on girls and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind kicks up storm” Indian Express

Mumbai Police kicked up a controversy following its circular which says the women’s wing of an Islamic organisation is “brainwashing and training girls for jihad”.  (Pamela Geller)

Syria Refugees Turn To Prostitution Out Of Desperation

The Women of the Zaatari Refugee Camp
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The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to 100,000 people who have fled the war in Syria. Most of the inhabitants are women, and many of those are preyed on by Arab men from Jordan and further afield looking for “wives”.

The following Channel 4 report takes a look at the plight on women in the Zaatari camp:

The accompanying Channel 4 article. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

“Sexual Jihad”

Prostitution for Devout Muslim Men “Temporary Marriage”  (Pamela Geller)

More here: Islamic ruling encouraging ‘Sexual Jihad’. Last week I posted on the “sexual jihad” fatwa urging “temporary marriages” for Syrian jiahdists. But it’s not just young Tunisian muslimas who are being sold into sex slavery under the guise of an Islamic marriage (halal). Syrian girls (some as young as 13) are sold to Muslim men from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf states under the same religious sanction.

Syrian refugee camps becoming sex markets for Gulf state Muslims Live Leak (thanks to Golem)One of the emerging troubling aspects of the Syrian uprising has been the treatment of the most vulnerable in this conflict. That being the women and and underage girls, forced to flee their country due to infighting, they have set up residence in refugee Camps in various surrounding Arab countries and Turkey, but rather than being a safe haven from violence, these camps have become an open air sex slavery market. Where Arab men from all over the Middle East, including the oil rich Gulf states have descended in order to buy young vulnerable women for their pleasure and Harems. When not buying young orphans or widows, many girls, some as young as 6 or 7 are simply kidnapped and never heard from again.

The weeping madam pimp is particularly rich. Selling young Muslim girls and hoping she doesn’t meet the same fate as the “Palestinians.” Their Jew-hatred seeps into everything. Someone ought to tell this child flesh peddler that there was never any country called “Palestine.” A British mandate? Yes, where “Palestinian” Muslims attacked and conducted pogroms against “Palestinian” Jews. Some things never change.